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Specializare europeana in formarea viitorilor tehnicieni in constructii
Date du début: 25 août 2015, Date de fin: 24 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The target group of the project entitled ‘European Specialisation for Developing the Future Techniques in Constructions’ was represented by 32 eleventh graders of the Ploieşti ”Toma Socolescu” Technical High School – qualification level: 4, branch: Technological, field of study : Technical, divided in the following way: 16 students from the ”Designing technician for constructions and plumbing” qualification and 16 students from the ”Technician for constructions and public works” qualification, selected from a target group composed of 24 students from the ”Designing technician for constructions and plumbing” qualification and 21 from the ”Technician for constructions and public works” qualification. The present project met the main need of a future technological high school graduate – the ”Designing technician for constructions and plumbing” and ”Technician for constructions and public works” specialisations, namely that of enjoying specialised training as close as and directly integrated into the real environment on the employment market in their vocational field. To this end, our project departed from the following educational and training goal : to provide the students personal and vocational development, so that they may become active citizens at the level of the community by their participation in its active, civic and professional life. Specific goals : 1. the improvement of the participants’ vocational training and the access to the new technologies in the field of construction and public work design, by the contact with companies and specialists of some of the most uplevelled construction industries in Europe ; 2. the development of the practical skills and capabilities at European standards, with an aim to foster highly qualified employment, by smoothing the young people’s insertion into the labour market ; 3. the enrichment of the personal experience by the contact with another European reality, in order to provide a good transition from school to active life. The project enabled the shaping of the general technical skills and of the specialised ones laid down by SPP for Module VII – ”Technical-Economical Documentation” from the Frame Scheme specified in the Order no. 3172 dtd. 30.01.2006 of the M.E.R – the ”Designing technician for constructions and plumbing” qualification – and Module V – ”Structure Works for Constructions”, included in the Order no. 3172 dtd. 30.01.2006 of the MER – the ”Designing technician for constructions and plumbing” qualification. The internship helped covering the following content units: For the ”Designing technician for constructions and plumbing” qualification: - the selection of the technical documentation for execution purposes, - the elaboration of the technical-economical documentation specific to the construction, plumbing and public works, - the provision of consistency between the technical documentation and the construction / plumbing works carried out, and for the ”Technician for constructions and public works” qualification: - new technologies of performing masonry structures, - new technologies of performing reinforced concrete structures, - construction works checking. The internship took place in: Spain - 22.02.-11.03.2016 - 16 students and 1 accompanying teacher; Portugal - 22.02.-11.03.2016 -16 students and 1 teacher. The partners were the participants – the sending organisation - the ”Toma Socolescu” Technical High School of Ploieşti – and the hosting organisations - Granhabyv Construccion Sl, Peligros, MEP Europrojects Granada SL – the intermediary organisation for the session in Spain, and Fersil-Construção Civil e Compra e Venda de Propriedades Lda, Vasco Matos Unipessoal Lda, Barcelos, Associação Intercultural Amigos da Mobilidade, Barcelos – the intermediary organisation for the session in Portugal. The planned duration of the mobility was 21 actual days, i.e. 90 hours. To the 32 students, their having taken part in the vocational internship was a complex professional and human experience, seeing that for most of them this was the very first contact with a new European cultural environment. In this way, from the professional viewpoint, the students acquired knowledge, skills and capabilities for designing and executing various types of works in the field of constructions and public works. This experience developed their flexibility and tolerance, their teamwork abilities, their adaptive skills and it enhanced their degree of self-confidence. The outcomes of the participants’ learning were assessed in terms of quality and quantity, they were validated, acknowledged and notified by the sending organisation and the receiving organisations by means of the Europass Mobility documents, the internship attendance certificates, by grades and credit points at the speciality subjects covered during the internship. The comparative analysis of the project assessment results shows that the goals set up in the financing request were reached in full.



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