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Specialist in 3D printing - specialized training in application of 3D printing and practical use of acquired knowledge
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2019 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

3D printing technology becomes more and more popular and cheaper. Sale of 3D printing products and services around the world reached 3.7 billion USD in 2015 and it is assumed to be over 6 billion USD after 2019. Usefulness and implementation of 3D printing covers more and more areas, giving new opportunities. Mastering of 3D printing and implementation of this technology became recommended and expected. This situation have caused an need for training providing knowledge and skills necessary for use of 3D printing in particular professional activities.Although that the technology is just becoming popular, there are no courses, which provide comprehensive presentation of both technology and examples of its application, and also:- are available on-line, which is important for proper accessibility- give opportunity of practical use of acquired knowledge by printing sample objects and own projects of the trainees (they don't have to have their own hardware and software).The project will enable to fill this gap. Development of 3DSPEC course that is a freely accessible, comprehensive online course on 3D printing technology to be used within C-VET is the main object of the project. It will meet the needs of such users like teachers, entrepreneurs and professionals in the field of machinery designing and healthcare. There will be developed: - training materials with description of 3D printing and examples of use of this technology in particular professional activities, on internet training platform - to provide trainees with knowledge- 3D printing centre and internet platform for ordering 3D printing - to provide skills.The training materials will be available in English, Polish, Slovene and Spanish, which contributes to their accessibility for wide audience all over the Europe.To guarantee the success of the project and sustainability of the project results beyond the project duration, a consortium including KOMAG - as coordinator, IBV, PCKU, SCV, EXOVITE and DAMATIC has been set up. The following Intellectual Outputs are planned:O1 C-VET curriculum of the 3DSPEC courseO2 Complete materials and training contents of the 3DSPEC courseO3 Prototype of the 3DSPEC courseO4 Pilot tests and validation of the 3DSPEC courseO5 Internet platform for ordering of 3D printing and 3D printing centre.In terms of knowledge management the following results will be provided by the project: - collecting and dissemination of explicit knowledge regarding 3D printing technology- collecting, codification and dissemination of tacit knowledge regarding use of 3D printing in particular professions as well as building of 3D printers- dissemination of tacit knowledge regarding use of 3D printing in particular professions and assembly of 3D printers, that can't be codified - skills in 3D printing.To ensure wide dissemination of the project and its outputs, five multiplier events (held in all three countries from which project partners come) are planned.Solution developed in the 3DSPEC project will contribute to among others: - dissemination of the 3D printing technology in Europe, - development of expertise of individual workers and organizations. 3D printing is technology that is continuously developing, and the use of which is of more and more interest. Therefore continuous development of the 3DSPEC course to keep it state-of-the-art solution will be possible and expected by its users and prospective users. This gives project partners a promising base for many initiatives, projects etc. regarding 3D printing implementation.Information regarding project will be available and continuously updated on website developed for the project as well as on each project partner's website. This website will be operational for three years after the project finalization with the aim of increasing the effectiveness and impact of the dissemination activities.



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