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Special care for children with down syndrome - a better life and integration into the Russian society
Date du début: 20 août 2015, Date de fin: 19 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Special care for children with down syndrome - a better life and integration into the Russian society" could not be carried out. I will explain in the reason why, in the part 3 of this report. Here you can read the description of the project as it should have been put into practice: This project takes place in Samara, Russia. Ilaria Citterio, one Italian volunteer, will be involved as EVS in "Samara Down Syndrome association" , an association that cooperates with ICYE Russia (Lastochki) and has a goal to advocate the rights and needs of disabled children. More specific, this project is situated in the field of children and disabilities. Ilaria's EVS activity will last 11 months and will be concentrated on taking care of the needs of the children with down syndrome. The volunteer will be integrated in the daily tasks of the association and cooperate with the staff and other (local) volunteers who run the daily work. The volunteer will be in contact with other 4 EVS volunteers coming from other countries. Living and volunteering in a multicultural environment, the volunteers will improve her interpersonal and intercultural skills. The project aims, at a first level, to improve these children's living conditions because they could benefit from volunteers' care and attention. For many of these children the presence of EVS volunteers will be the only opportunity to learn something about other cultures and to come in contact with people coming form different countries. The project will also contribute to improve and diversify the quality of service and activities of the hosting organisation and its staff. There will be an exchange between volunteers and staff. Volunteers will learn a lot from this experience, but the hosting organization staff too, might learn new approaches and activities from the volunteers, from volunteers creativity and enthusiasm. On a second level, another project's objective is to fight against prejudices and stereotypes that still arises when dealing with children and people affected by down syndrome. The presence, itself, of European volunteers caring of these children, will help to give a different perception of down syndrome. In Russia the diagnosis "syndrome Down" turns out to be a verdict which leads to the loss of parents in most of the cases. Nine of ten families reject their children immediately. And only five of these nine live more than one year. Only 10% of children with the Down syndrome live in families. The European volunteers will help the organization in pursuing its mission of defending the rights of disabled people guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Ilaria Citterio and the other EVS volunteers will contribute to the caring atmosphere of the kindergarten and they will bring something "new" to these children's life and to their family too. They will contribute to everyday life of the kindergarten assisting the staff and doing practical work as well as creating new activities for children, showing them typical games of their native country, telling them about their native traditions and customs. This will enhance the process of intercultural learning for both sides. The volunteer will have an opportunity to obtain special skills and knowledge of organising activities for the disabled children. This will be a great experience of intensive treatment, warm care and tolerance. When back to their countries Ilaria and the other EVS volunteers will contribute to spread a more respectful and positive approach towards disability and diversity. They will also contribute to let young people know about Erasmus + programme and about the opportunities of personal and professional growth it can offer to the youth, as well as the opportunity to get deep in contact with other culture, languages and ways of life.



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