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Speak Well
Date du début: 1 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project consists on international training (Poland, Sopot, 6 days) of the subject of hate speech prevention. The result of the project will be skill development – mostly of non-formal education methods of professionals working with youth as well as tolerance, openness and European values promotion. Participants of the project are 23 youth leaders/youth workers from 7 European countries (educators, psychologists, teachers, lawyers, social workers etc.). Participants work with youth in their every-day professional activity – also with young people socially excluded or on the margin of social exclusion – which have strong tendendency to intolerance and negative receipt of minorities and other people and groups which do not fit into common schemes. Activities which will take place in the project (workshops, field game, social campaign, discussions, trainings etc.) are aimed of broadening knowledge and improving skills concerning hate speech prevention and intervention, gaining new working tools – and as a result improvement of work with youth quality. Activities will be based on non-formal education methods both as a tool of work with youth and of training for professionals. International network built in the project will be continued in other projects both addressed to youth and to youth workers. Currently the problem of hate speech is a present and actual phenomenon – especially in accordance with refugees coming to Europe. According to UNHCR there were 322 500 refugees and immigrants in 2015. The subject of refugees is one of the most sensitive problems which result in extreme emotion and speech full of hate, intolerance and fear. According to European Network Against Racism (2014) for 30 cases of hate speech 2/3 were connected to prejudice and discrimination (especially towards immigrants, Muslims and LGBT persons). Main tools of hate speech are mass media and social media – which are easily accessible and enable creating broadcast. Statistics show that internet users in Europe are mostly young people – 80% of social media users are between 16 and 24. It is worth to notice that hate speech is also a serious barrier in proper social adaptation of minorities – it causes raise of social gaps and leads to social and economical exclusion. Prevention of hate speech enables improvement of the idea of open, democratical, respecting human rights society of Europe.



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