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Spatial Planning in Coastal Zones (PlanCoast)
Date du début: 31 mars 2006, Date de fin: 29 avr. 2008 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Coastal areas, especially those in the Baltic, Adriatic and Black Sea region, face a severe pressure for development. Within the next few years, tourism, transport, aquaculture and energy use will increase in these regions. Particularly in enclosed seas or coastal zones close to big urban agglomerations, conflicts with environmental protection occur as the environment is more vulnerable than on the open sea or on less densely populated coasts. An Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) can help to provide instruments to protect the environmental quality without endangering economic development. The PlanCoast project intends to promote the implementation of ICZM measures in coastal zones of the Baltic, Adriatic and Black Sea by enhancing the role of spatial planning within coastal zone management. In pilot projects the land as well as the seaside will be considered when developing and implementing new fields of spatial planning in maritime areas (sea-use planning) throughout the EU's coastal zones in a coherent manner while complying to international standards and facilitating international exchange and comparison of information. At the same time local and regional needs should be reflected. Expected Results: Foreseen results of the project are, among others, the preparation and passing of proposals for Coastal Zone Plans and Sea-Use Plans on the basis of ICZM principles with involvement of all relevant stakeholders. GIS databases will be introduced which allow international comparisons to facilitate the spatial planning processes in coastal zones and maritime areas. National laws and procedures will be prepared, and existing laws concerning spatial planning in maritime areas will be improved. A major concern of the project is to raise the awareness, know-how and capacities for implementing ICZM among local, regional and national target groups. The conclusions of the project will also include recommendations for common principles for Sea-Use Planning within and beyond the EU.



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