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South Baltic Offshore Wind Energy Regions (South Baltic OFFER)
Date du début: 28 févr. 2010, Date de fin: 30 mai 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Offshore wind energy (OWE) has enourmous potential, and its production is highly cost efficient compared to other renewable energy sources (RES). The EC has therefore identified OWE to be of strategic importance with regard to the EU energy targets and reducing dependence on energy imports. OWE has become a competitive alternative to fossil sources of energy, and therefore large-scale investments in new capacities have recently been made or are currently planned. For the South Baltic (SB) area alone, the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) predicts more than a ten time increase in OWE capacities, as it offers ideal natural and economic preconditions. It is therefore the right time to encourage cross-border cooperation in this sector to ensure that the development of OWE in the region is a harmonised one and that resources are pooled rather than split. If this is achieved, then the SB region will have the chance to position itself among the top of European OWE regions. The challenge, however, is to overcome societal and institutional barriers and bundle efforts in order to create an environment favourable for the development of a highly competitive offshore wind industry (OWI). Therefore, South Baltic OFFER will establish a vital network between the partners, businesses and stakeholders (C1&2) and communicate the importance of OWE for the region to the general public as well as to stakeholders from all levels (C2&3). It will also foster the transfer of knowledge within the region as well as from experienced partners from outside the region in order to speed-up the development of OWE and its related industries and overcome existing barriers (C3&C4). Increased cross-border cooperation between businesses as well as universities and research institutions will significantly increase the regions competitiveness and innovative capacity (C4), and by fostering education and training within OWE related fields the project will also enable the region to meet the rising demand for skilled workers in the OWI in the future (C5).In some of the regions (DE, DK, SE), offshore wind farms are already operating, but even here the industry is immature. Other regions (PL, LT) are still at an early stage of OWE development and will benefit from the know-how of the more experienced partners and associated organisations. An emerging OWI in PL and LT will in turn create new business opportunities and chances to create new networks and cooperative structures for actors from DE, DK and SE. The result is a win-win situation from which the SB area as a whole will benefit. The implementation of South Baltic OFFER will thus enable the region to significantly benefit from the rapidly growing industry and hence contribute to a sustainable economic growth within the region. The long lasting networks established within the project will, furthermore, contribute to the cohesion of the region and the creation of a common identity among the actors. Achievements: The project website (also available: Lithuanian and Polish version) has been updated on a regular basis. More than 18.000 visitors had a look at the website. SB OFF.E.R participated in several international events, e.g. EWEA Offshore and Annuals events, Windforce Conference and SB project forum and annual conferences in Schwerin and Ronneby as well as further regional/local events. SB OFF.E.R applies for Sustainable Energy Europe Awards 2012 focusing on the Fascination OFFSHORE exhibition. On 7 Sept 2011 the 1st cross-border stakeholder event Offshore Wind Energy and Offshore Industry took place within the 16th International Exhibition BALTEXPO2011 in Gdansk & attracted 173 participants. Important presentations were given by representatives of the European Wind Energy Association, German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation, German Maritime and Hydrographic Agency. On 9 Nov 2011 the 2nd Cross-border stakeholder event took place in Vilnius, LT incorporated in the 3rd Annual Baltic Energy Conference. During the event the Hydrogen Technology Initiative M-V (project partner of the WEBSR2 project) presented results of an analysis on storage solutions. On 7 May the 3rd Cross-border stakeholder event Developing the offshore wind industry while balancing interests took place in Sölvesborg, Sweden. 75 participants attended the event and listened to several presentations covering the local, regional, national as well as business perspective. E.g. Helene Björklund, Mayor of Sölvesborg; Lise Nordin (MP), Agne Hansson (National Wind Power coordinator South East Sweden) and Anne-Bénédicte Genache, EWEA has been present as speakers. The boat exhibition Fascination Offshore - installed on the museum ship Greundiek - toured to German and Danish harbours providing answers to all sorts of questions related to energy generation from offshore wind in 2011. A variety of interactive exhibits and audiovisual elements as well as models of offshore wind energy equipment adds to the attractiveness of the exhibition. Additionally the exhibition was shown as part of the "Open Days" of the federal government in Berlin 2011 and 2012. In 2012-2013 the exhibition (adopted version) was available in LT, PL and SE. POMCERT also prepared an interactive OWE visualisation model. The model consists of two offshore wind farms of different blade size which supply two housing estates with electricity. An interactive South Baltic Business Cluster Map - presenting companies involved in the offshore wind industry in the South Baltic area in order to allow industry and stakeholders to gain a full and easy overview where different parts of the supply chain could be sourced - is available on For interested companies it is possible to join the cluster map. Five Cross-border business events took place. In three offshore summer schools in DK, PL and LT a large number of M.A. and Ph.D. students learned about different issues related to offshore wind energy, such as wind resources, technology and environmental impact issues. The OWE Road Show provided an opportunity for member states in which offshore wind energy is in its infancy to learn from the more experienced countries which already have a developed offshore wind energy industry and culture. Additionally, further educational and training events (career days, buiness-academic seminars) have taken place in all 5 Baltic countries. The web-based Knowledge Toolbox contains materials regarding topics related to offshore wind energy. The first permanent offshore wind energy exhibition in Germany officially opened on 24th of April 2013 within the framework of the international conference and exhibition Wind &Maritim and the final SB OFF.E.R event in Rostock. Another hightlight is the marketing investment in Guldborgsund where a Visitor Centre for Renewable Energy Sources including an OWE section is installed. Last but not least, the Final publication summarizes the project, its thematic scope and activities.



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