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South and North meet through Sport
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project will involve a group of 40 young people (20 Maltese and 20 from Slovenia) together with 6 group leaders who will come together in the city of Ptuj (Slovenia) to implement a youth exchange project between 7th to 14th September 2015. The objectives of this project are to enable us young people to interact with each other, exchange best practices and experiences, and take part in practical activities. These objectives can be listed as follows: 1. Exchange good practices; 2. Promote active participation of youths through sport; 3. Promote the value of tolerance and an inclusive society; 4. Promote the principle of the free movement of persons in the EU. 5. Promoting entrepreneurship amongst young people. We believe that through this project we will be given the opportunity to meet like minded people who are also interested in sport in order to carry out a number of activities together and learn from each other. The activities listed in our activity programme can be grouped as follows: 1. Ice breaking activities at the start of the project in oder to get to know each other better; 2. Presentations delivering information about each other; 3. Discussions about a number of topics; 4. Visits to other clubs/associations in order to get a better idea of how they organisations operate; 5. Talks from people who are considered experts in their field; 6. Hands on experiences such as drafting a business plan 7. Evaluation sessions. As can be seen from the above list, our project will include a number of non-informal activities that will make our exchange interesting, fun and informative at the same time. We included a number of discussions in our activity programme so that we will have the opportunity to discuss our ideas and opinions together, and thus learn from each others' experiences. We will also get the opportunity to voice our opinions in front of a group of people and this can strengthen our self-confidence, and it will empower us further to believe more in ourselves and in our potential. Moreover, in virtue of the ice-breaking games and through the other non-informal activities, we will create a stronger bond with our Slovenian partners as we will get the opportunity to get to know each other more. The participating organisations will get the opportunity to establish a better relationship that might see them applying for other EU funded projects in the future. In most cases, EU funding programmes stipulate that an organisation would need to include a partner or a number of partners to apply for a project, therefore establishing good contacts with another European organisation focused on sport is an added value of this project. This will ensure that more young people will benefit from these funds and the opportunities that come with them. In fact, our partner organisation has already notified us that it intends to apply for another youth exchange, following the implementation of this project, so that a number of Slovene youths will come to Malta and we will have the chance to implement another youth exchange project. This project will also provide further experience to us young people and also to the participating organisations on how to write a good project proposal, and in view of our evaluation sessions we will also analyse what activities received the most positive feedback and which other activities could be improved for other future projects. Finally, we have gained a lot by being directly involved in the completion of this application form, as we became familiar with the priorities and objectives of the Erasmus+ Programme and gained knowledge on how to design project proposal that is structured and competitive.



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