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Date du début: 5 août 2015, Date de fin: 4 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Over recent years we have witnessed the proliferation of what are known as Generation "NiNi" in Spain, "Neet" in the European community, young people who for various reasons, do not study, do not work or are not motivated or with the intention of changing their situation. Generally, young people often feel they can do little or nothing to change reality, to overcome the difficulties posed by the crisis, and somehow give up, being in a situation of helplessness. The age of highest incidence are between 17 and 30 years. Some of the factors that can turn a young in "NiNi" are the lack of employment opportunities, lack of motivation, poor schooling, poor career counseling and also the role of parents. Thus was born this proposal for a European voluntary "Sounds of the Sea", which has as main objective to provide young participants with fewer opportunities, unemployed or find some kind of social barrier to their integration into the labor market or in the field academic, vocational guidance, motivation and skills to help them in the future labor integration process in their countries of origin. To do this, during the project and through various activities, we will work acquiring or improving knowledge and their personal and social skills, among others. The general objectives of this proposal are: - Improve the chances of socio-labor insertion of the young participants through knowledge of themselves and their capabilities. - Encourage the acquisition of habits of responsibility, stability and personal autonomy in the young. - Develop and enhance skills and key competences in the personal and professional spheres. - Creating a healthy and safe environment for the proper personal development of the participants. - Promoting intercultural learning and mutual understanding between young people from different countries. On this proposal will participate, for the first month, 9 young of origin is Estonian, Portugal, Finland and Austria, the second month will be 7 participating countries of Austria, Estonia and Portugal. The project includes rehabilitation of a public space, building a garden, a Land Art workshop, coaching and career counseling, Spanish lessons and other activities more playful, intercultural activities, energizers, etc. The expected impact on participants is to improve their skills and abilities, social, labor, communication, cultural and intercultural level. They gain self-esteem, security, self-control, social skills and initiative. Improving your emotional stability and increase their autonomy. They are prepared for decision-making, acquiring habits of responsibility, improve knowledge of themselves, discover their career interests and preferences and / or academic, strategies for conflict resolution techniques, teamwork, collaboration and motivation to face the future, among others.



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