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Sound of Europe
Date du début: 28 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 27 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Four groups of young people from Italy (11), Portugal (11). Greece (11) and Spain (11) plus 2 leader and a companion, will live together for a youth exchange in December in Pontevedra, promoting intercultural coexistence, with the aim of sharing experiences and personal concerns from an integrated perspective, we aim the cultural exchange, job search and the use of music as a universal way of communication and English . Moreover, the fact of traveling to Spain for themselves, help them make friends, solve their problems using their skills to resolve conflicts that may arise. The profile of the participants in this project are young people between 16 and 30, young people with fewer opportunities, disabled young people motivated by European experience with participants from other European countries. In the National Assoc. Of Drummers OMAR, through this project we intend to create a space where young people can identify employment opportunities, European mobility learning, awareness of environmental sustainability and especially young people to communicate with others through music in any environment, more or less close, everyday, as are their towns and municipalities, as well as the more distant, such as national and European levels. Young people participating in this project will be trained in tools for the job. Through workshops, group dynamics and outdoor activities, cooperative attitudes are transmitted, teamwork, cultural competence, artistic and communication development, improving social and civic competence; knowledge and values that are based on the exchange of experiences and knowledge of young people from participating countries. This transfer of knowledge will promote the development of specific skills. We have planned activities for different countries to share their customs, and they can learn from one another. Throughout this project will see the importance of teamwork, reflect on their attitudes situations to break inequality xenophobia and stereotypes .. But also, to visualize this knowledge, we own but must be socialized as collective wealth. During the exchange young acquire knowledge from practice, that is, what the People know of the experiences and feelings that arise many situations and problems and difficulties in our environment we have in common. All the activities have a European and intercultural dimension as encourage participants to reflect on European issues and each country and involve them in the construction of Europe; They offer participants the opportunity to identify common values with people from different countries in spite of their cultural differences; They defy viewpoints that perpetuate inequality, injustice and discrimination; and promote respect for cultural diversity and human rights; and fight against gender inequality and prejudices. Through our activities we want to give young people tools to facilitate labor integration, stimulate active participation of members of a group in a group process and artistic creation, to get closer to the EVS, Eures, Europass, use ICT to support the critical thinking, creativity and innovation, etc ... based on non-formal education aimed at developing personal skills, value and opportunities that represent good practice in situations of daily life activities will take place. Participants will reflect on cultural development and the enrichment of society, of the importance of cultural diversity, will realize eradicate all forms of discrimination. Upon completion of the project we will create a resource in pdf format called "good practice guide" that will be hung in all the websites of the participating organizations. In this way all the youth and social community can access learning obtained, to the methods used to solve the problems, to evaluations and the results thereof, benefiting from these "outputs", employing them for the needs of neighboring partner organizations in each country. The idea is that long-term participants start their own business successfully and have used the tools learned to improve employability successfully. We hope that the relations between them remain and new collaborative networks are created developing future youth exchanges together.



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