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Sotenet Mobility with Eurocom Smart
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Sotenet - a school network consisting of 8 Finnish colleges offering vocational qualification in social and health care, practical nurse education has worked for 15 years to improve the quantity and quality of students' work placement perods in European partner countries. During the last years Sotenet network has developed student preparation before work placement periods and student tuition has been improved. Eurocom Smart staff mobility project in 2014-2016 supports student mobilities by creating work place profiles to help students and teachers to choose accurate workpacements for students. Eurocom Smart is aiming to improve student tuition practices and to create common evaluation forms using Ereivet evaluation forms as the basis. The aim is to simplify student evaluation with common forms and to help in recognition and validation of learning outcomes in the home organisation. Sotenet-network has created and signed MOUs or LOIs with the European partners to clarify the responsibilities of receiving and sending parties in student and staff mobilities. The sending college prepares Learning agreements for students describing the desired learning outomes and evaluation practices according to ECVET principles. The reached knowledge, skills and competences will be recognized and validated at the sending organisation and the gained credits will be transfered to the student administration data. In "Sotenet with Eurocom Smart" project the students for mobility perods will be selected according to the practices of each Finnish college and Sotenet network will choose the grant receivers in network meetings according to their criteria. All the students will take part in common preparation days, which will be held in English. During the preparation day the students will learn the basics of the whole student exchange process - the tasks and forms to fill in before the work placement period, the activities during the work placement period and activities and duties after return back home. The preparation process is on moodle-learning environment. During the preparation day the students create their CV's in English and they get to know how their period abroad will be evaluated. The feed-back from students raised a need to still improve the preparation day and let the students to work in small groups and take their own initiative. The moodle learning environment should be up-dated according to the new curriculum. Part of the preparation process will be tests in English and on-line English studies. Well prerared practical nurse students will carry out their 5 weeks work placement periods in European partner colleges. The students will work and study according to their study plans in LAs and keeping in contact with their Finnish tutoring teachers via diary in moodle learning environment. Evaluation forms designed in Ereivet network and modified in EurocomSmart for practical nurse students specializing in Clinical nursing and care, Elderly care, Care for the disabled and Child and youth care and education will be used. Students and their tutoring teachers will give feed-back from the usage of forms in Finland. Students who will have other specialization areas will use skills deomonstration forms, which have been in use before. When the students return back to their home colleges, they will tell their student mates about their experiences at the college, they will prepare their reports which they'll store to the common learning environment and they'll fill in Erasmus+ report. They will return their Learning agreements and Europass mobility passports to the archieves. The skills demonstration carried out abroad either according to the Ereivet forms or normal skills demonstration forms will be validated in the home college and the grades will be transfered to the student administration data. Sotenet network strives to make the gained language skills and cultural competences visible in cooperation with curriculum developing groups of each college. There is a big variety of knowledge, skills and competences gained during work placement periods abroad, but which not has been recognised.



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