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Sosyal Dokuma
Date du début: 2 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 1 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

There is an emerging need in our societies for a new kind of education system. The current education system and models are not sufficient enough to equip students to address the most pressing social challenges of our societies. The system is solely build on theory. We require different kinds of skills to find creative solutions to the problems our societies are facing. The world is in need of people who can create new empathetic solutions to the emerging complex challenges. Thus, the root of the problem lies in the education system. We need new designs to fit the future. The focus of our program is to breakdown the barriers between individuals, institutions and innovators of tomorrow by offering curated learning experience (e.g. deep listening, empathy, cognitive empathy, mindfulness, discovering yourself, communication, leadership, entrepreneurial abilities). This will support a new kind of system. Youngsters will build adaptive cognitive skills to help them realize their full potential to tackle the challenges of modern society. Our aim is to bring together 24 young change-makers between the ages 18-22 from different walks of life, who are aware and ready to tackle the challenges of our societies. We will use affective tools such as design thinking and innovative business tools. The change-makers will emphasize the needs of the everyday people by using human centered design model. They will have the chance to develop skills and knowledge that will help them adapt to change and hence deal with complex situations of the ever changing world. They will be given room to find their passion and use their skills to make change happen. The participants will also learn about different cultures.



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