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SOLT - Supporting On-Line Learning and Teaching

This project will develop a multimedia-enabled guidance product and toolbox that can be used by trainers and human resources managers. The product will be used as a pedagogical compendium and a creative on-line course development tool allowing the target group to produce appropriate online learning materials and methodologies in a small business context. The aim is for the materials to incorporate a project-integrated learning approach for small businesses. The project identified that access to online learning technologies still poses a difficulty for trainers and human resources managers to determine what approaches and what content to develop. The following areas will be developed: on-line learning methodologies; on-line learning platforms; Internet technologies; development of learning materials; small business needs (particularly learning and working environments); dissemination and networking. The product will also support the development of new types of trainer qualifications, such as "Tele-Coach", and will be made available to public and private training providers in the EU. It is expected to contribute to the generation of quality standards in the generation of web-based training materials.