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Solar Thermal Cogeneration Plant based on Organic Rankin Cycle (EFISOL)
Date du début: 1 juil. 2009, Date de fin: 30 juin 2011 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Strategic overall objective of the proposed project is to develop an efficient and cost effective small solar energy system for combined electrical energy power and hot water production that uses concentrated direct solar radiation as the primary energy source. In order to achieve these objectives we are presenting a concept that is based on the highly innovative integration of existing technologies, development of new thermo energetic components and advance guidance and control system implementation. All components will be integrated and optimized as an autonomous unmanned power production unit in a form of new commercial product, the EFISOL. EFISOL is therefore a combination of following key innovative technologies; - half linear Fresnel lens based concentrators - PCM (phase change materials) based heat storage tanks - ORC (Organic Rankin Cycle) cogeneration unit - Advanced control system This proposed system will be suitable for various small and medium energy consumers, it will be particularly well suited to those placed in ‘sunny areas’ such as MEDITERRANEAN AREA. Various types of energy consumers e.g. hotel resorts, campsites, industrial units, housing groups and energy producer entrepreneurs are targeted users. Proposed product will be able to produce renewable electrical energy and sell it directly to the power grids or use it for internal consumption purposes. This proposal will emphasize the most relevant issues to be addressed by this project. EC is investing large sums of money in Renewable Energy sources in order to increase the overall efficiency of technology, improve their cost benefit effects and finally gradually reduce incentives on renewables. To answer on that we are proposing development of a product that will still remain profitable even with lower el. energy incentives."



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