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Sokağa Değil Okula Bağlan
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The content of the project: In the main assesment meeting of 2014-2015 year at our school, we evaluated the previous years and saw that the number of absence by the students was quite high. This situation has been the main reason for choosing the content. Why our students do not like school is mainly due to family factors such as urging females to marry at an early age, making males work, families ignorance towards education or need of workpower in crowded families or health problems such as socioeconomic incapability and mental and physical disabilities due to marriage between the relatives. 64 out of 360 students at our school have an absence rate more than 20 days 40 of these are girls and 24 are boys. These absences at same point lead to school abandonment. Our goal: just like we mentioned in our content 18 percent of our students are absent ones . Our main goal is to minimize this. We are aiming to make these students like school take necessary actions to do this in a regular calender. Teachers are supposed to find ways to prevent absence, find solutions and they will cooperate with larger institutions and organizations to take actions against to causes. Participants are consist of the school principal and three teachers. During the project, we will organize conferences and seminars to students and their parents by using the knowledge acquired from courses the early school leaving for implementing their life, family visits, attendance applications, counseling services, alternative school programs like educational club activities after school, problem solving based teaching methods and techniques will be used.   In the short term we aim to drop the rate of absenteeism below 10 percent,and preventing the conversion of those leaving school to absenteeism. In the long term we are planning to train successful, self-esteem ,self-train, advanced, eager to learn students. If we reach our goals with the helps of methods about school dropouts which we apply in our institution ,we are going to spread it across İzmir.