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Society and Architecture
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project arose out of two previous Comenius projects, a multilateral school project My 21st Century and a Comenius Regio project ILQ (Improving Learning Quality). From the multilateral project we found the partners and an interest in Society & Architecture. From the Regio project we discovered a need to further develop new methodologies for teaching and learning in particular using a cross-curricular and entrepreneurial approach. The schools involved are: - Sandnes VGS, Norway ( Coordinating school) This partner will be responsible for the overall coordination of the project of which they have much experience. . They will also bring their experience in Design & Architecture, Science & Technology and a cross-curricular approach to teaching. - Loreto College, Cavan, Ireland, will bring their expertise in Enterprise education to the project. They will use their business contacts to organise an entrepreneurship seminar at the end of year one. - RGS `t Rijks, Bergen-op-Zoom, The Netherlands have a well developed Technasium which is a truly cross-curricular and entrepreneurial way of learning. They will bring their expertise in this field to the project. - Agora Sant Cugat International School, Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain emphasises international education to prepare their students for a globalised and international economy and labour market. - Bishöfliches Willigis Gymnasium, Mainz, Germany will bring interest in development of ICT based learning methods to the project. This project aims to develop new ways of learning through cross-curricular and international project work. We aim to prepare the students, teachers and other stakeholders for life in an increasingly globalised labour market. We will be working in particular on the topic ´Society & Architecture`. By choosing this approach the project will be more easily understood by students and all those involved. Students will work in trans-national groups to develop their communication, cooperation , teamwork and planning skills. We aim to foster in the students a spirit of entrepreneurship through enterpise education. We aim to develop learning materials and toolkits for learning how to set up small business enterprises. Altogether over the two years of the project there will be 6 partner meetings, with each partner hosting at least one meeting. In September of each year teachers will meet to plan in detail the activities for that year. There will be two more meetings each year which will include students. In January of each year students will meet to showcase the work they have been carrying out in the home school, compare that work with that of their partners, discuss their findings and plan for the final event of the year. At the end of year one a multiplier event in the form of a Seminar on Entrepreneurship will be held in Cavan, Ireland. Here students from all participating countries, students from outside the project including other 2nd and 3rd level schools in the area will receive immersion training on enterprise and entrepreneurship. This will also inform the development of the toolkit on ´How to set up your small business enterprise`. At the end of year two a second multiplier event in the form of a Conference will be held in Sandnes, Norway. This will entail workshops, lectures and an exhibition of student work and products of the two years of the project. The budget requested will enable students and teachers to meet on a regular basis. While frequent communication will take place between the partner students and teachers by email, phone, Skype etc. we believe there is much learning to be achieved by face-to face meeting and groupwork. Here students will learn to deal with the cultural aspects of working in a cross-national setting. This project will have an immediate impact on all participating staff and students in each school. It will also impact the wider school communities in each country as the learning tools, toolkits, methodologies are disseminated throughout the school and the wider learning society. All products of the project will be freely available and promoted by the multiplier events, media (both traditional and social), school websites etc.



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