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Socialinės atskirties mažinimas per profesinį tobulėjimą
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project need of: Based on the KSRC (Kaunas Builders Training Centre) made social research data suggests that school is the social exclusion of students. This is related both to the of students personal characteristics as well as external factors (students from problematic families, from insufficient income families and single-parent families) Social exclusion is often a pretext for violence and bullying. Social skills shortage negatively affects of students access to professional development, to identify themselves successfully in the labor market. School personnel must be more diverse, more efficient working with these students experiences. Goal of the project: Through the project participants personal development to form positive social exclusion of students teaching (learning) experience in the implementation of possible violence and bullying and suicide prevention and reduction of social exclusion of students and the ability to adapt in society and in the labor market through the formation during improvement of professional competence. The number of participants: 4 - vocational teachers, 4 - social exclusion students. Experiences: Project participants - vocational teachers who have a higher education, educational work experience and with knowledge of psychology - pedagogy and sociology, ability cultivate personal and social skills of students. Students studying Logist - forwarder and select specialty with social exclusion. Activities: Vocational teachers seminars and discussions in Italy will be introduced to this country offered working with students methods of social exclusion in schools and other institutions. Project workshops, learn the method of "learning to live together", through learning and the role stories. They have the opportunity to visit the anti - violence center, child and mother at home to get first aid experiencing violence in the home of the company. Become familiar with an expert work of social exclusion and the state policy for child protection. Students an internship in Estonia school ... plus the company deepen Logist - forwarder professional competencies. They will organize seminars deepening social skills, stress management, self-expression, and so on. Planned results: The project expected to create new opportunities for the reduction of social exclusion directed activity programs in vocational training institutions. Will be developed description of the methodologies. Project participants experience will be disseminated both SRC Kaunas and Kaunas city, the region through presentations and workshops. It is expected to prepare social programs in the planning of school activities. It will develop a more effective learning environment conducive to positive socialization. Students who have participated in the project will deepen both their professional and social skills, which will increase their ability to compete in the labor market. Students' social skills expected of students dissemination of experience provides in the student council activities. The need and benefit in the long - term perspective: The problem of children who experience a social exclusion is global in nature. This indicates UNICEF QVEST et al. social development programs analysis carried out. We hope that this project experiences, developed methodology will bring significant contribution to the training (learning) and positive socialization of a favorable environment for the formation of the vocational training institutions. Preparation of students will increase the number of specialists who are qualified and able to compete in the job market.



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