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Social Skills, Labor Skills
Date du début: 4 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 3 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Social Skills, Labor Skills.Youth Exchange to be developed in the municipality of Íllora in July 2016. There will be 26 participants (mainly 17-30 years old) from different social and economic context of Spain, Bulgaria, Hungary and TurkeyThis project aims to prepare young people who have to face the real labor market with proper social skills. To do this we will create a simulation of real life situations for training purposes, facing participants with a plausible reality. Encouraging the process of reflection on the lived situations, to analyze and assimilate properly. To reinforce this process will make workshops and discussions to help us better understanding of the situations that give us new tools to deal with whatever comes from a competent manner.Objectives:- Reflect on the social skills of each as a base to guide and encourage their development.- Increase and improve social skills designed to prepare participants to face real situations of working life, with particular emphasis on multicultural work environments.- Encourage self-esteem, entrepreneurship and the learning capacity of the participants.These objectives are aimed at an ultimate goal: increasing employability and improve the career prospects of the participants, especially those with fewer opportunities.The methodology will be based on non-formal education and sociocultural animation. It will be active and participatory, dynamic and experiential.As a result we will obtain a multimedia blog (or similar platform) with all the experience and learning to share to other young people and groups can take advantage of our project. With this we hope to improve the capacity of people to cope with the labor market with proper social skills.



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