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Social Medial as the Tool for Youth Activities
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main aim of this project proposal was to raise awareness and create space for open dialogue, inter-cultural understanding, mutual respect and acceptance of diversity between majority and minority groups, not only in the partner countries involved, but across Europe – and potentially the world. Sub themes were active citizenship and human rights education. We empower European youth, enabling them to take direct action through reporting of discrimination issues and life stories directly on the future website, through action blogging, footage, article- and video production (creating an Online magazine). The sharing of life stories and experiences was crucial for inter-cultural understanding and mutual respect, since sympathy grows directly proportional with knowledge, networking, and friendships. Teams of 8 participants (32 in total) was selected in each partner country. Moreover, we have counted on the implication of 2 facilitators. Project was organized during November 2015 in Córdoba, España. The daily programe was designed for 8 working days. Using non-formal education methods we offered participants wide veriety of interactive workshops, presentations and discussion platforms comprising blogging, graphical designing, and video production we make campaigns targeted at European citizens in general, raising awareness of discrimination issues all over Europe. As an outcome of our project we expect that participants used the new skills and competences to plan local campaigns and become more active in their communities and organizations. The use of new media opens the possibilities of dissemination and exploitation widely. Through an online magazine, action blogging, poster and video production, the outcomes and results of the project was available to anyone – all over the world. In addition, we made a common exhibit of the results in each partner organization after the end of the project.



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