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Social Media Training to Combat Unemployment Among Higher Education Graduates
Date du début: 1 oct. 2014, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

SALE Yourself makes a difference. Although the number of higher education graduates is the highest in history, the unemployment rate among this target group is as high as never before. In Europe we are currently facing unemployment rates among higher education graduates between 14% and 22% which means that the potential of around one fifth of the highest educated people in Europe cannot exploit their potential in an adequate job. One might think that only few jobs for highly qualified candidates are available but a lot of job vacancies are provided especially via social networks asking for exaclty these qualifications. Interesting enough that the right people do not occupy those jobs as no match between the job requirements and an ideal candidate can be found. HR managers are proactively searching online to find ideal employees. Now it is the responsibility of the higher education graduates to present their skills in an appealing way online and to get in contact with HR managers. Considering the amount of social media users one should expect that almost every graduate knows in depth how to use such networks. But once higher education graduates should use such networks in a strategic and focused way for their employment, a lack of usage skills becomes obvious. SALE Yourself aims at developing an interactive training course for unemployed higher education graduates. Participants will learn which tools are the most relevant to use in order to find a job online and how their individual l skills need to be presented to be attractive for possible employers. SALE Yourself aims at training the trainees on how to use social media proactively for their self-presentation and participants will learn how companies should be approached when available jobs are published or without a published vacant position. The main activities to reach our goals are: • Creation of an interactive training course tailored to the needs of the target group o Informational regional round tables to get to know the needs of the target group o At least 30 hours of training materials for online job seekers will be developed • Execution of 6 pilot training o At least a total of 90 trainees will be trained in 6 piloting countries o At least 30 trainers will be trained in 6 piloting countries to generate multiplier effects • Distribution of learning material and integration of users and multipliers o Experiential marketing o Social media marketing • Establishment of cooperation agreements with local/national employment services and training providers for long-term usage of the training materials developed The main activities will be implemented by eight project partners coming from seven different countries, all experts in their respective fields. It is not an aim of SALE Yourself to generate a short-term impact. SALE Yourself wants to support technically qualified graduates with a lack of usage competences in social media. The SALE Yourself project team aims to arise awareness of the topic and to increase the quality of using social media for job search to minimize the number of unemployed higher education graduates within Europe. The project team creates high quality training materials, establishes an extensive network all over Europe by integrating companies, the public sector and multipliers from all possible areas. SALE Yourself will contribute to create useful training tools for high potentials and to offer opportunities to reduce the number of search unemployment amongst higher education graduates in Europe.



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