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Social Justice on Social Media
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"SOS - Social Justice on Social Media" is an Erasmus+ Youth Workers' Mobility Activon which will take place in İstanbul/Turkey between 2-8 June 2016 organised by an informal group which called "Youthist".This Youthist, will bring together 39 young people and youth workers from Europe as well as a team of trainers and some media workers and specialists, all concerned by social injustice.16 Partners organisation, informal groups are from mentioned countries Turkey, Armenia, Romania, Hungary, Moldova, Albenia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Poland and Belgium.There was a panel about “Dsicrimination on Media and Hate” on 23 October hosted by Bogazici University and co-operation with and Hrant Dink Foundation. The Project framed “Monitoring Hate Speech on Media” run by Hrant Dink Foundation in Turkey since 2009 is hosted Dr. Gavan Titley from Ireland National University in this year. Ronald Eissens from Network Against Cyber Hate was one of the lecturer in the panel. Dr. İdil Engindeniz from Galatasaray University was moderating the panel and within the content; topic was awareness on soial media and protection from discrimination. There were examples given from West Europe.As a team, we went to a deeper research on the topic of hate speech after seeing theese examples within the panel. Then we prepared this Project after relating / linking hate speech with human rights, equality, justice. We have noticed that our team members are having the same issue like beeing different from other with ethnic group, supported futbol team, mother tongue, geoughraphical, life style etc. And we also noticed how much we were targeted with hate speech on social media.Then after this, we got help from our team member who Works with No Hate Speech Movement on the topic. We have learnt how to protect ourselves from online bulying and online hate speech. We have noticed that only a small part of the community ( specially who have been volunteering and working in an NGO) is aware of the topic. Many people not necessarly from any kind of the sector and or living in a city have ben faced and / or targeted to hate speech online; they do not respond to hate speech, not even recognising it and they don’t know where to report it. After seeing this we went deeper and found ourselves in “human rights violations”We ask to people “where to apply and where to report in the situation of human rights violations?”. And this question was not asked to strangers, we ask it to our family, friends, colleagues and daily seen people. And we noticed that; most of the people don’t know where to report human rights violations. And we ask second question which was; “what would you do if you have been in a situation of human rights violations”, and got the answers; - “I hide it.”, “I don’t tell anyone.”, I don’t want people to know and make fun of me.”.Another reason why we do this Project is; members of our team is a part of minorities and they have been positive and negatife discriminated people. Our participants too will share their experiences and problems that they have faced in their own life and country. Our team is really diverse that we have members who are; laz, dutch, kurdish and turkish. We wanted to turn this diversity to the advantage and that’s why we want to organise such a Project.Objective:- To develop a common and mobilizing understanding of social justice in the youth field;- to create awareness about what to do in the situation of “human rights violations- To share and exchange about the various grass-root realities of the participants in the field of citizens’ action through media and social media;- To increase knowledge of the possible actions and opportunities offered by these media;- To create a joint citizens’ interventions through these different media and to initiate networking and follow-up processes among the participants.



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