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Social Interrail 2015
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Social InterRail 2015" aims to enhace the social, international and intercultural horizon of young adults. They will be enabled to obtain various social skills within the project such as empathy towards other cultures, solidarity with people in situations of need, or even learnt to initiative and organize in the social environment. The key method of the project is "learning from others". On the one hand, the luxembourgish participants take part in social activities of the South Tyrolean and the French youth, on the other hand, the Luxembourgers share their own experiences with their partners. So one will learn from the other. The project is carried out in the framework of a project management course of the student Lynn Beckené, young volunteer of Young Caritas Luxembourg and bachelor student of social work at the University of Koblenz. As the theme of the course includes international and intercultural social work - and in this case mobile youth work -, a cooperation with Young Caritas Luxembourg and their networks in Europe is self-evident. This can allow the international and intercultural exchange between the young participants, and they each get an insight into the differences and similarities of social work that prevail in Europe. The participants from the three partners will participate on a voluntary basis. The Luxembourger youngsters will be received by the local young people from South Tyrol and France and for a few days participate in their social commitment in their respective countries. Since the Luxembourger are traveling as a group and will be received by peer groups, the methodology will align mainly on group work, but in a broader international squad to allow the participants from different countries wider perspectives of social voluntary work. The first activity of the project will take place in South Tyrol, where the young people will get to know the local bodies of Caritas and identify the differences in the practice of social work. Again, the exchanges between the Italian and Luxembourg participants will be encouraged, but the focus is more on the social voluntary work. From the point of view of the content the social activities will be carried out with people in the job assistance, with children (with and without disabilities), with people with mental health problems and with homeless people. In France the activity will be bisected. In Essonne, the Luxembourg and French youth committs to the large number of migrants. In St. Malo, the focus is mainly on the exchange of international and intercultural experiences, as participants will participate from all over Europe and from the Middle and Far East at the Summer School of Young Caritas France. The project aims to sustainably promote the exchange, and above all the participants and the organizers are to benefit from the variety and diversity of local social assistance and thus have a learning impact on their approach of its own activities.



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