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Social Integration Project for Refugees via Vocational Educational Training
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

According to the official figures total 1million 652 thousand took refuge in Turkey since April 2011 in 4 years period due to the civil war in Syria. Moreover, 2.4 million Syrians took refuge to or immigrated to countries neighbor to Syria or European countries. 228 thousands of said immigrants and refugees lodged in 22 refugee camps established in Turkey’s 10 border provinces to Syria. Syrian refugees and immigrants may cause social prejudices with the justification that they cause discomfort. This negative prejudice complicates their social integration. When we foresee that immigrants and refugees are permanent, it is considered that the major problem to be lived in short and medium terms will be integration. Therefore countries experiencing cases of immigrants and refugees should develop integration projects. Under these circumstances, this project is designed to deal with immigrant and refugee problems at regional, national and European levels since this activity bears a characteristic to solve prejudice, language, skills and recorded employment problems especially for refugees and immigrants. In this direction, specific activities will executed in this project for the target group to ease their social integration via vocational and language trainings, in order to break down prejudices against migrants and refugees in the community, to increase their capacities and make them gain self confidence by preparing curriculum and modules for vocational training and language training and by producing booklets, billboard ads and documentary film by exchaning knowledge and experience from national and European partners and stakeholders with a multidimensional approach. In this project whose duration is 24 months, coordinator organisation is HAK-IS, a workers’ trade union confederation from Turkey. Partners are Göç Araştırmaları Vakfı (Foundation of Migration Research) from Turkey, IGMG HASENE Relief and Societal Organization from Germany and Conseil de la Jeunesse Pluriculturelle (COJEP) from France. During the project which is designed on the basis of transnational strategic partnership and its main activities are transnational seminars realized 6 times; 1 kick-off meeting and 4 Immigration Platform meetings. Curriculum and training modules will be tested for the pilot group consisting of 20 persons to be selected from the target group with the project support. At the end of project activities the aforementioned 1 million 652 thousand Syrian refugees will be effected positively due to the project activities. Outputs of This Project: Vocational training curriculum and modules for the Laundry Officer (Level 2) and Scullery Officer (Level 2) having their standards and qualifications will be shall be generated. The creation of language training curriculum and modules will be 2nd output. 3rd ouput are visual materials ( booklets, billboard materials) and documentary film will be produce to fight against social prejudices The documentary film will be prepared and shot to break social prejudices and broadcasted on local and national TV channels. All materials developed under the project scope will be shared in English language in internet environment and social networking sites. There should be no limit to access all document given in the said media and it shall be open for all internet users. All results obtained in the project scope shall be available in internet environment and social networking sites and there shall be no limitation to access to results. It is planned for Project web site to be on air in Turkish and English for a period of 5 years.



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