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Social Integration of Immigrants Students by using Drama Applications
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“Migration defined as moving of individuals or people from one country to another country or from one location to another because of economical, social or political reasons constitute a large part of the history of mankind. Migration which can cause can cause problems in relations between countries has increased its actuality with the social crisis. With the reduction of the distance between people from different cultures which may provides opportunities to get to know each other can also cause conflict between the cultures and they may fail to socialize in the country where they immigrate. The socialization term which is used to refer in the process of social continuity of the society is used to describe the process of adaptation of foreigners to the community. However the foreigners with a different language and culture can cause serious problems for both themselves and the country while trying to adopt themselves to the community by maintaining their language and culture.. Children of families that migrated to Europe is experiencing many problems, especially language problems. It’s known that the children are having serious problems in language learning ,adaptation to the culture and staying away from bad habits. They are also having difficulties because of not being familiar to the education system and not knowing the language and the culture of the country. According to the first paragraph of Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights issued by United Nations “Everyone has the right to get education." According to the second paragraph of the same article “Education should place understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial or religious groups (RG, 1949). When these declarations are examined it’s seen that education should be given to these children whatever condition they are found and it should be supported by the governments. An environment should be created to these children to develop their skills and self-realization . In this context our Project aims to develop working skills, language skills, imagination, aspect of searching, and love art, get rid of the daily problems, explore the abilities, provide permanent learning with the help of DRAMA APPLICATIONS. Therefore, educational drama is an important method to while revitalizing of the problems encountered in the process of adaptation. The project also will achieve the following objectives: • to help in solving the language problem in the interaction with the environment of the child • to develop five basic language skills of children through drama (speaking, listening, reading, writing, visual reading and visual presentation) • to have local authorities to take measures about the problems of immigrant children • to aware the teachers and decision makers about the problems of immigrant children. • to enable the immigrant children to establish healthy relationships with school friends by using the group dynamics of the Drama • to help the immigrant children to cooperate with the other students • To ensure the development of ethical values in children with drama activities. • To assist in building effective relationships with the social environment of the child. • To create awareness for the children to stay away from bad habits. • To create an effective awareness to assess their free time effectively • To assist in the merging of the culture of the country and the culture of the child • To avoid cultural alienation to the culture of the child • to develop healthy relationships with their parents of the child. • to have the children to reflect their feelings freely in the drama activities. •to have the children to understand the others and establish empathy • to explore art tendencies of the children •have the children slip from the stress of everyday life have fun • to have the children to put forward original ideas • to have the children to use their body • to develop self confidence • to develop the child's sense of trust to others. • to develop decision-making skills of the child. • to have the children to aware their abilities • to help the children to develop positive feelings with themselves and the environment.



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