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Social Innovation Match
Date du début: 16 oct. 2016, Date de fin: 15 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Social Innovation Match” brings together 28 participants from 12 European organizations working for the empowerment of the young generations and willing to get in touch with different kinds of approach to social innovation in order to transfer these new knowledge and skills in their communities. The main event of the project will be a contact making seminar that will take place in Abano Terme (PD), Italy, from the 15th to the 19th of May 2017. The chosen location is the headquarter of the social promotion association Khorakhanè, which is in network, together with Creativi108, with the national youth association Amesci, sharing its vision and activities. Khorakhanè represents one of the most prominent associations in the Region Veneto for its promotion of youth initiatives, active participation and creativity.The core idea of the project is to use the contact making seminar as a place to network youth organizations which can share ideas and practices of social innovation. Particularly, we want to gather these 12 organizations to come up with the best training methodologies and skills that can be useful to young aspiring social innovators.Each organization will have the chance to present its most effective approach to social innovation (i.e. a project or a particular method) in both frontal and non formal ways. These workshops will be alternated with partnership building activities with the hope of future KA2 collaborations to rise.The objectives of the match are:-to create an occasion of confrontation for youth organizations and youth workers to exchange their most relevant experiences in the field of educating young people to social innovation and social entrepreneurship.-to point out and collect the most effective training methodologies and activities to help young people wanting to undertake a career in this field-to create new networks and collaborations for future Erasmus+ KA2 projects-to foster active participation, self-entrepreneurship and inclination to pursue socially innovative solutions to the local necessities.The activities foreseen in the contact making seminar include: ice-breaking and group-building activities, speed dating and partnership building exercises; presentation of the seminar and of the Erasmus+ Programme; workshops organized by each partner about the most representative methodology, activity or approach of social innovation that they have experienced or which they are committed to in their daily job. These workshops will include formal presentations, video projections, simulations, problem solving activities and other experiential learning exercices to allow participants to get acquainted and reflect about the efficacy of the following topics:-Solution focused approach-Design Thinking-Leadership through Social and Emotional Intelligence-Economy and Entrepreneurship-The transition from "natural organic" social developmento to the "planned" social development-Municipal policies about social innovation, training e youth entrepreneurship-Speed mentoringThe project’s evaluation will be carried out through daily reflection groups and a final session both individual and collective, which will serve to fill in the participants’ Youthpass.The expected impact of this project includes:-increase of tools useful to the social innovation training for young people-improvement in the youth workers’ competences and in the quality of the support that they can offer to their beneficiaries in their own organizations-exchange of socially innovative examples and concrete experiences that encourage ideas of youth entrepreneurship-dissemination of good practices and methodologies through the digital material to be created in collaboration with the consortium-creation of strategic partnerships for KA2 projects after the debate in the seminarWe believe that, in the long term, the project can contribute to the following benefits:-increase the level of competencies and skills of young people who will get in contact with the project’s results-reproduce the teaching of the seminar in the respective organizations, integrating them in the work approach and in the offered services, multiplying their positive effects-strengthen cooperation at a European level among youth organizations-increase the quality of innovation and internationalization-reinforce the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship and the active participation of young people-improve the linguistic skills and the intercultural awareness of the participants.



11 Participants partenaires