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Social Innovation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship
Date du début: 1 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

InnovaT promotes to strengthening of capabilities and competences of 8 social and academical organisations that work in the field of youth (5 from Europe (Spain, Portugal, Greece, Slovak Republic and Romania), and 3 form Latinamerica (Nicaragua, Colombia and El Salvador) in order to improve their work in YOUTH SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND YOUTH PARTICIPATION and specifically focusing in:1. Learning of Methodologies for social innovation2. Promoting the professional development of youth workers throw networking and exchange of good practices3. Learning tools and methods that will be later apply with youth beneficiaries in each participant country, promoting their active participation and citizenship, social and labour inclusionThis project will contribute to the implementation of “Europe 2020” strategy, working specifically in the fight against poverty and social exclussion of youth.The main activities of this project are:KICKOFF MEETING IN NICARAGUA (2nd month of project) 16 participantsMeeting for the starting of the project, where to meet participants, promote exchange of ideas and adjust the plannification of actions, roles and calendar.MOBILITY OF YOUTH WORKERS (6th month of project)Throw this project 24 youth workers from partner orgnisations will participate in a TRAINING/MEETING ABOUT SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP (flexible non formal learning process) focusing in:1. Social innovation methodologies (SOCIAL DESING THINKING AND STORYTELLING)2. Application of those methods with your to promote and active and participative role of youthAPLICATION OF INNOVATIVE METHODOLOGIES & MOOC (during 8 months since 6th month project)After the training several actions will take place simultaneously:1. Application of innovative tools: each partner will develop one specific tool in their own context to test it and launch it as learning content for an ONLINE COURSE2. MOOC (Massive Online Open Course): 1 specific course focused in YOUTH SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP. This training will be directed massivelly to social workers in the field of youth.FORUM “ YOUTH SOCIAL PARTICIPATION”Its structure will generate 2 spaces:1. Where to share good practices, experience and outputs of the PROJECT, debate and construction of new methods of social work to potentiate leardership of youth organisations.2. Space to involve assistans in a practical and learning experience of social innovation and entrepreneurship as applying methods as HACKFORGOOD (a collaborative learning process where to develop innovative ideas to solve concrete social problems).200 participants: partners, social sector, universities, public administration and companies of social innovation/entrepreneurship.DISSEMINATION ACTIVITIES will be developed by all partners in 3 moments of the project to promote the knowledge about this process, share the experience and intellectual outputs (as videos, training package, study of social entrepreneurship or Guide of Good practices & Forum conclussion