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Social inclusion through art and volunteering
Date du début: 1 août 2013,

“Social inclusion through art and volunteering” project aims to offer volunteering experience to 6 young people with special needs from Italy, Slovenia and Bulgaria, contribute to their personal development and intercultural learning. The group EVS experience, which will take place during 5 week in August-September, 2013 in Ukraine, will provide possibility to young people to experience different kinds of volunteer activities and projects, as well as different roles for themselves as volunteers. They will be involved in the projects initially as participants, and at later stage with more active roles. Activities will combine diverse participative and creative methods and types of work, will include arts and crafts, manual work, meetings and group activities, sport and cultural events. The project will be finalized with own small-scale initiative of participants to create Garden of senses – interactive tactile playground for visually impaired children.


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