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Social ENTrepreneurship for IMmigrants
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The current situation of crisis and unemployment is hitting hard the immigrants who suffer long periods of inactivity. Therefore it is more difficult for them to take part in social life. These situations increase their sensation of personal fail and come along with problems an new emotional needs related to frustration and loose of self-esteem. It is necessary to find new options in order to make possible new opportunities of employ to fight against social disadvantage situations and to promote social cohesion. Taking into account those situations and the huge potential of social economy and its contributions to the local development, the main goal of SENTIM is to explore and to take advantage of the potential of social economy considering the needs of the immigrants and by extension the needs of any other people who face labor market discrimination and social exclusion. We consider the self employment and other social economy initiatives, not only as an answer to the current situation of unemployment but as an opportunity that immigrant people should take advantage of too. SENTIM represents the opportunity for development of better and proper models, adjusted to the immigrants needs, that can be incorporated into our private and public institutions. The project purpose is to stimulate economical growth and the employment creation at local level in the frame of social economy through the achievement of the following objectives: • To facilitate the implementation of new social economy initiatives through the development of new measures to accompany (go with) and support the individual and social entrepreneurship. • To identify, assess and train in specific skills for entrepreneurship. • To identify opportunities for the development of employment-generating projects in the frame of the social economy. SENTIM will be developed by four organizations with a wide experience in entrepreneurship and social economy, working with immigrants, developing methodologies, providing VET services adapted to different people, working in competences,innovating, looking for new ways to solve social problems. In this sense SENTIM will provide new methods and methodologies to improve the entrepreneurship and the social economy, as the following ones: - Methodology for the identification of interest for entrepreneurship. - Methodology for assess and training in skills for entrepreneurship. - Methodology to accompany (go with) and support the individual and social entrepreneurship. - Methods for finding business opportunities that can be developed in the frame of the social economy. All of those methods and methodologies are going to be tested and validated through different training activities and leadership workshops. SENTIM will offer not only the digital publications of all the mentioned results but three open courses (e-learning) to train the interested professionals. In addition to the mentioned results (methods and methodologies) we also expect: - The development of a model of sustainable organization that will take care for next generations of immigrant-entrepreneurs. - A collection of thoughts and proposals linking training in entrepreneurship with voluntary return, an innovative international methodology of work regarding “European Return Fund” activities and projects. - Through these actions not only entrepreneurship but employability of immigrant people will be improved. - And finally we expect a mentality change: The social, labor and training sectors workers will consider the social economy as an opportunity to create new jobs for immigrants and other social disadvantage people. Our target are professionals who work with immigrants and other people at risk of social exclusion; professionals related to the VET; professionals who work in entrepreneurship center; policy makers; and, of course, immigrants or people at risk of social exclusion. And related to the impact of SENTIM, we expect that the technical staff participating in the project can discover new ways for promoting entrepreneurship, new tools for training in entrepreneurship, a new methodology to accompany immigrant people in the path of the entrepreneurship. In the organizations that work with immigrants and other disadvantaged people we expect a better disposition towards entrepreneurship to enable them to take into account social initiatives as an option to consider to create employment for immigrants . In other public and private organizations through the use of a new, practical and tailor made methodology, we expect better results to accompany people with special needs in the path of the entrepreneurship. We expect professionals who are better prepared and motivated, professionals able to provide the immigrant the tools and personal resources needed. And in the immigrant people we expect a better disposition to undertake the way to the entrepreneurship, we expect open with them a new path to allow them become part of the society.



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