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Social Entrepreneurship for brighter future
Date du début: 1 nov. 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The TC is aimed to provide extensive knowledge on all economic, social and public aspects of entrepreneurship and to promote the development of new business plans and other sustainable social initiatives among youth workers. The ultimate goal is in this way to provide sustainable support in combating youth unemployment on one hand and solving social problems for more inclusive growth on the other hand. Social entrepreneurship education is offering an excellent perspective: just as business entrepreneurs change the face of business, social entrepreneurs act as the change agents for society, developing ideas and new approaches, creating and implementing solutions to social problems that change society for the better. Having the goal of the TC in mind namely to educate and prepare young people who are considering embarking on an entrepreneurial career to address the issues related to social development, the TC prepares the participants for innovative addressing community needs with a combination of entrepreneurial practices and social purposes the for-profit, non-profit and governmental sector. The project will gather youth workers, staff from youth centers, help and information centers, youth councils and other organisations to exchange experiences, to gain skills and knowledge in the fields of social entrepreneurship education and empowerment of youth, further to develop strategies in fostering creative, independent, non-traditional ways of thinking and acting in business and employment prospects for youth. In this regard the working realities and experiences of the participants and partners will serve as basis for reflection. The use of non-formal methods as inputs and discussions in plenary sessions, exercises and simulations, thematic working groups and workshops, meetings and the use of open space provides knowledge and understanding. Emphasis is given on exchange of non-formal educational practices and establishing links between the partners. The TC takes places in Gospic, Croatia from 23st to 31th of January 2016 with 36 participants from Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Poland, Macedonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal and Turkey. The learning outcomes that will be gained may be divided into two subcategories: 1) Specific competencies related to the main theme of the training: a. Obtaining and developing entrepreneurial competences and skills for managing sustainable social initiatives ensuring successful dissemination of results and achieving multiplier effect – gained knowledge and skills in economic, social and public aspects of entrepreneurship and social initiatives, country-specific regulations, policies, problems, needs and best practices successfully applied, competences in targeted marketing of successful ideas and fundraising, generation of multiplier effect and development of new innovative ideas on the basis of previous successful ones; b. Management and organizational skills – management of projects, team work, leadership and coaching, administration and management of resources (funding, fundraising, volunteers and staff, office organization, partners), cost-benefit analysis and evaluation of results; c. Personal and professional development – gaining valuable skills how to be more productive and efficient in the process of learning, innovating, creating and developing new ideas into real business solutions; d. Competences for work in multicultural and international environment. 2) Supplementing learning outcome accompanying category 1, such as development of valuable personal qualities in various fields such as self-confidence and self-discipline, pedagogical skills, negotiation and communication skills, analytical and critical thinking, problem-solving, raised awareness of European realities and policies related to youth work, awareness of different cultures and traditions. This project will generate long-term and sustainable impact on youth workers by enhancing their employability and competitiveness on the labour market, thus contributing to combating youth unemployment and giving a good example to be followed by their colleagues, friends and other youngsters. Youths will indirectly benefit from the TC as the new qualifications of the participants come in action in their daily work in the organisations. The TC gives the solid base for the idea and the project results to become viral among youth workers and young people from different countries, supported by partner organizations and methods and mechanisms established to fulfil the main project’s objectives. Furthermore, high multiplying effect of the results is ensured on local, national and international levels.



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