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Social Entrepreneurship and Social media for youth Employability
Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The current economic crisis is entailing an increase in unemployment rates across Europe, especially among young people. In such a context, greater attention is being paid to youth entrepreneurship as a tool with high potential for employment creation, as the “social entrepreneurship” model can appeal to young people and give them the chance to provide innovative responses to the current economic, social and environmental challenges. Within this framework, the outcomes and benefits achieved by young social entrepreneurs can be enhanced by the acquisition of proper digital skills and effective use of social media as a way to offer wider career prospects for young people. SENSE has provided tools and methodologies for youth workers in Euro-Mediterranean countries, essential given the above context. SENSE project was an 8-day training course which took place in Palermo (Italy) from 6th to 13th june 2015. It involved 32 participants, coming from 19 EuroMed countries: Italy, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Greece, Romania, Macedonia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Tunisia, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine. The main objectives of the project were: • To promote and encourage social entrepreneurship as a response to youth unemployment • To raise awareness about opportunities offered by social networks to facilitate employability and to promote social enterprise • To provide youth workers with new tools and innovative methodologies, to be transferred to youth in their local communities • To exchange best practices in the field of social entrepreneurship and use of social media in EuroMed countries • To foster the intercultural, intergenerational dialogue and understanding, economic development and social inclusion of youth • To promote deeper knowledge about European programmes and funding opportunities for youth and social entrepreneurs for the EuroMed area. • To facilitate the establishment of new networks at EuroMed level



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