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Social Art
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Based on the positive experiences of the multiple international youth exchanges we will offer the European Voluntary Service initially to four youngsters starting from 2016 in the cultural youth centers of Kinerring Berlin e.V. We aim to foster the youngsters in the development of their skills and knowledge. Thye learn to adopt useful knowledge and methods in the field of cultural and aesthetic education. The focus of the activities is on the intellectual, creativ and cultural exchange of knowledge and experiences between the youngsters with the support of the qualified stuff and the responsibles. Their active european citizenship will be fostered. The participants are actively involved in all activities and will be encouraged to to develop and promote their own ideas autonomously. The cultural youth centers offer multiple activities for the volunteers to become activ. They have the opportunities to engage themselves into social projects, outdoor camps, music-workshops, creativ courses, theater- and dance events, neighbourhood celebrations and cultural events. The volunteers can take over an avtive role depending on their abilities and interests. Specific tasks are the preparation and implemaentation of presentations, concerts, jam-sessions, screenings, readings, talkshows, streeperformances, cultural projects, creative actions, excursion to memorial places or work camps. They will be socially active while helping and supporting children and youngsters. During the preaparation meetings for the EVS the volunteers will be informed in detail about the program Erasmu+ and youth in action. They will be be informed about the backgrouns, the aims, the priorities, the procedure of the program and the EVS. During the regular evaluations, the volunteers get constant feedback by their tutor. The tutor supports them in the integration into the project, the organisation and the local comunity. He supports them in administrative matters as well as in the evaluation of their experiences and ith the comeback in their home country. “Social Art” fosters the own iniative and their entrpreneurship of the volunteers as well as the cultural awareness and expressiveness. The collaboration in the group and the mutual understanding fosters the intercultural opening. Through the common adventures and experiences during the project the prejudies will be removed. The collaborative process in the group and working towards shared success will allow the participants to experience and practice democratic decision-making processes and conflict-resolution models. “Social Art” is a project against racism and discrimination. The project activities stimulate european values like democracy, recognition of human rights anmd basic latitudes and the constitutional legality. The participants will receive the Youth Pass Certificate. The outcomings of the project will be presented in public and publishe in a booklet. After completion of the project follow up activities are intended.



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