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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 29 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project seeks to value the knowledge, skills and qualifications we have or we will discover. To do this, using a methodology varied and wide range of activities, the participants will identify ourselves aspects of knowledge that we had not appreciated before. These skills form an important source of wisdom for present and future generations, a task in which we apply in this project, even though many have left the formal education system. In this project we establish a direct relationship between the various formal and informal intelligence and basic skills. In this sense, this learning process based on non-formal methods enhance the mathematical Competition Competition in communication, artistic and cultural competence, Competition linked to Information Processing and digital competence, social and civic competence, the Competition knowledge and interaction with the physical world, the learning to learn and Autonomy and personal initiative without detracting from the many intelligences everyone to share. This project is proposing to make in a week and has partners from countries as diverse as Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland and Spain. Objectives and methods described in the subsection. To improve quality and accessibility of mobility throughout Europe of the participants and increase quantitatively understand that this project itself and promotes mobility in Europe, to require the participants displacement. This is particularly relevant because of the project carried out in an insular territory of the EU, far from the mainland, giving a unique perspective on mobility and insular way of life for people who travel. In this project we will engage young people from vulnerable social groups, of marginal social contexts, in some cases we are young we have left school without basic qualifications. We have opportunities to access knowledge with the guarantees of the rule of law regardless of living at the mercy of real hit. Europe is an area of values, where reigns the rule of law and where citizens should have equal access to global public resources, such as education (whether formal, non-formal or informal). We are going to open this project to involve more young people coming from the contacted local communities, more or less access to opportunities either because they have not provided the same opportunities as those who do have had them or by other circumstances. And this we will do in an inclusive context, equal treatment and rhythms adapting the skills and abilities displayed. With this project we will facilitate the development of innovative practices, supporting work in the development of innovative content and practices of lifelong learning focused on the acquisition of skills, qualifications and skills by everyone.



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