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Smart Metering (Smart)
Date du début: 31 mars 2012, Date de fin: 29 sept. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

During last years automated meter reading systems (smart metering), based on distributed sensor networks, which ensure monitoring and control of water, thermal energy, gas and electricity distribution networks, have been developed and tested in several Latvian and Lithuanian towns. The project will give possibility to do necessary additional research, to implement testing and improvements and to adjust automated meter reading systems, based on sensor networks, to local infrastructure, to clients. It will give ready to use technical solutions for companies that due to the lack of time, finances and competences are not able to develop such solutions on their own. The ultimate aim of the project is to encourage socio-economic development and competitiveness of the region by creating a framework for technology development and accommodation for regional needs in the field of automated meter reading – smart metering. Particular goals: • To promote well being of inhabitants from target regions and to promote comfortable living space by developing stable and effective water supply and thermal energy supply systems; • To promote usage of latest technology and solutions in the regions by developing cooperation between researchers and industry, by developing platform that substantially allows to reduce risk of implementation of innovation; • To create sustainable solutions and capacity for further development of system and economical usage of available resources; • To develop capacity for demonstration and information, where professionals and inhabitants can check usefulness and efficiency of solutions. Project partners VUC, KTU, LIA and Ventspils Udeka have particular interests to develop technology and services for utilities, housing services providers, residents and business. The implementation of the project will bring benefits to the partners and to the overall society: • Promotion of information and communication technology utilization for rational supply and usage of thermal energy and drinking water not only in Latvian - Lithuanian borderland, but in all Baltic countries together; • Facilitation of business development and creating better socio-economic conditions in the region due to reducing risk of new technology acquisition, competences development and sharing among utilities and entrepreneurs. • Facilitation of research and technology development in Latvian and Lithuanian regions thanks to involvement of two high school researchers and acquisition of laboratories and field testing equipment; • Encouragement of cooperation among researchers and technical experts of both countries that results in gaining new competences, in the fields of ICT and smart metering. Expected Results: Development of common programme of technology development and accommodation for regional needs in the area of automatic meter reading /smart metering and creating of long term cooperation agreement between partners involved into project created opportunity to provide services for business regarding development of new technical solutions, creating prototypes, testing in laboratories or in field conditions. The common programme of technology development and accommodation for regional needs and long term cooperation agreement between partners involved into the project promotes research and technology development activities in the area of automatic meter reading /smart metering. New equipment acquired for research laboratories of VUC and KTU will be used as a technical base for research activities. Acquisition of equipment for development and testing method of underground pipes burst and leaks identification, processes modelling, situation simulating in laboratories, for data storage, processing and analysis will strongly improve capacity of research laboratories of VUC and KTU. Better conditions for research and technology development activities will be ensured in both universities.



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  • 2007 - 2013 Latvia-Lithuania (LV-LT)
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