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SMART-ISLANDS: 3D Smart Webservices for Mediterranean Islands (SMART-ISLANDS)
Date du début: 1 août 2011, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

SMART-ISLANDS integrates multiple services for tourism, transportation, environment, civil protection & other, under the Smart-Islands Platform which constitutes of a 3D Tablet and PC interface. "Smart-Hydra" will be the first pilot released to the Apple Store and Android markets for investigating the market. By the end of the project, 14 Mediterranean islands from Greece, Italy, Spain, Cyprus and Malta will benefit from the SMART-ISLANDS platform enhancing tourism development, a crucial sector of development due to the economic crisis.The innovative "Smart-Islands" applications:• Provide island citizens & visitors accurate services, data & information.• Provide real-time information for the tourist industry, depicting all possible available information displayed on a stunning 3D-background• Represent a new way to enjoy Mediterranean islands: a Location Based Service Mobile App for iPAD & Android Tablet providing information on travelling, accommodation, entertainment, leisure, history, weather, health, public issues, and many others.• Via a single touch visitors search and find all islands facilities and services• Through the integration of airtickets, yachting 123 and portbooker, visitor directly book their flight, boat and mooring.• Provide the possibility to visitors to "be there before they are there" and also to discover shops, hotels, restaurants, events, news, tours and routes through 3D high resolution map integration• Provide impressive landmarks, 360o photos, panorama, videos, social networks integration• Deliver 3D Internet based visualization system in real time• Provide an integrated multi-platform of 3D Smart-Island "Globe".• Provide a specific integration of existing weather forecast services in a 3D environment, using techniques and methods of intuitive representation and animation.Moreover, the SMART-ISLANDS Platform will cover the wide range of 8 modules: (1) 3D Smart Yachting (Transport), (2) 3D Smart Aerodrome (Transport), (3) 3D Smart Leisure (Citizens), (4) Smart Real Estate (Business), (5) Smart Statistics for Planning (Infrastructure), (6) 3D Forest Fire (Environment), (7) Smart Retailing (Commercial), and (8) 3D Weather (Citizens, Government). Modules are smart as of the input data retrieval and the user friendly interfaces by Tablet (iPAD/Android) and PC/Web --However, the SMART-ISLANDS Platform will feature a web-application in order to retrieve open-data information from third parties and establish an update mechanism of the smart-applications.SMART-ISLANDS is not a RTD project per se in the context of FP7; rather it commercializes (i.e., true marketing) the platform for "revenue/profit making" after the end of the project via the establishment of an EEIG or a Consortium Agreement.


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