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SMART Container Chain Management (SMARTCM)
Date du début: 1 août 2008, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2011 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

SMART_CM aims to do advanced technology implementation and research in order to overhaul the complete container door-to-door transport chain so that it is more efficient, secure, market driven, and competitive. It systematically analyses current processes and systems, produces new innovative concepts for processes and technologies, and demonstrates all these in a set of 2 world scale Demonstrators covering 4 supply chain corridors. Its “view”, analyses, and recommendations fall in the following four areas thus ensuring a fully comprehensive coverage of the call subject:1.Innovation / Technology2.Commercial / market issues3.Business / organisational issues4.Legal / Security issuesThe SmartCM project objectives may be summarized as following:- Stimulate interoperable B2B co-operation in door-to-door container transport security.- Develop compliant application of B2B and B2A container security data solutions with international Customs operations.- Develop a neutral approach and service platform for secure and interoperable data communications.- Define added value services and chain visibility enabling techniques for fulfilling operational requirements of the actors- Develop prototypes of advanced applications in global container management, such dynamic scheduling at the containers- Assess large applicability of the above-mentioned project solutions by considering costs and benefits- Analyze existing business models in global container chain management and operation and study e-managing business models- Contribute to standards development for advancing of interoperability of technologiesSMART-CM involves all type of actors and big global players in the container trade today, such as: K&N, DHL, COSCO, PSA and DPW, as well as SME’s, and International Organizations that are world “players” in setting standards, promoting Intermodal Transport or Container registration, and security



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