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Small Steps Forward
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Small Steps Forward ( SSF ) is a project of Gospodarska škola from Čakovec in the Key Action 1 of the Erasmus+ programme, which is oriented to vocational education. The project contributes to achieving two objectives set in the strategy of development of school: 1. Enabeling international internships and work experience for students of three-year vocational education, in which there is a significant number of students with disabilities, students with fewer opportunities and students from marginalized groups, in order to facilitate employment. 2. Expanding organizational and managerial skills in the implementation of the Erasmus+ projects to a larger number of teachers. Gospodarska škola from Čakovec mostly educates students in three-year vocational and students with learning dissabilities. This vocations are often unattractive for students when they are enrolling secondary schools (taylor, assistant tailor, shoemaker, sign painter, chiropody) or it is difficult to find a job in those ocupations after education because of high competition (hairdresser, beautician). Because those ocupations are not attractive to students, often the enrolled students are poorly motivated, have learning or behavioral difficulties or they come from families with difficulties. At Gospodarska škola we also educate students with severe disabilities in learning and behavior. A significant number of students in these classes are the students of Roma nationality . Gospodarska škola is currently implementing the EU project Regional support for inclusive education. We will apply skills acquired through this project in organizing mobilities for students with fewer opportunities and doing so we will provide equal opportunities for involvement in education and later in employment. Gospodarska škola strives to be a leader in the implementation of Erasmus+ projects in the region and to use gained knowledge and experience for its staff members, but also to share it with other schools in the region and beyond. Until now we have established three consortia for proposals. This project includes the organization and training for the preparation and quality implementation of projects of five members of the teachers staff from Gospodarska škola. This project allows the acquisition of professional and personal skills through mobility for 92 students of the Gospodarska škola. Students included in the project are enrolled to different occupations: tailor, assistant tailor, shoemaker, sign painter, hairdresser, beautician and chiropodist. Through the mobility students will have the opportunity to have the two-week professional practice during training, and several students will do the one-month professional practice after graduation. Partners in this project are: Počitek užitek turistično podjetje d.o.o. from Moravske Toplice (Slovenia), Centro de Formação Profissional da Indústria de Calçado (Portugal), Lycée des Métiers Côte Basque Ramiro Arrue (France), Kroatische Wirtschaftsvereinigung e.V. from Frankfurt am Maine (Germany) and Šolski center Celje (Slovenia). We have worked together in previos projects, so we know our partners well and we are able to realize this project. We expect that the mobility will increase motivation for chosen profession and especially students' self-confidence and a sense of equivalence. This will bring our students closer to successful completion of education, as well as to labor market and possible employment. Students will have the opportunity to bring their work opportunities to future employers which will remove prejudice and encourage tolerance. In the long run vocations that are not very attractive will become such. Interest in education in those vocations and enrollment to these professions will be encreased and open possibility of employment of our studentsin larger numbers. Above mentioned occupations are scarce occupations in which employees are needed. With all this our project Small Steps Forward contributes to the EU development strategy.



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