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Slovakian-Ukrainian Culture Centre - establishment and strengthening the cooperation of the Prešov self – governing region and Zakarpattya region (HUSKROUA/1001/083)
Date du début: 31 mai 2012, Date de fin: 30 mai 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Action’s overall objective is to intensify and deepen the cooperation in a socially and economically sustainable way between Slovakian and Ukrainian border regions through establishment of institutional and informational platform for effective cooperation. Specific objectives: to establish the strong institutional base for cooperation between border region through creation of the Ukrainian Centre in Presov and Slovakian Center in Uzhhorod, establishment of the joint network and joint skilled staff, introduction of the strategic approaches to the effective development of the cooperation by development of the Slovakian-Ukrainian Strategy, to establish common information base by forming common databases and holding common events, to raise the awareness of border population in similarities in culture in border regions by holding common events, conferences, workshops and roundtables. 1. Project management. 2. Establishment of “Slovakian-Ukrainian Culture Centre” and Slovak – Ukrainian network. 3. Presentation and cooperation within Slovakian – Ukrainian Cultural heritage. 4. Development of strategic document “Action Plan of Slovakian – Ukrainian Cooperation till 2020”. 5. Medial presentation of cross - border cooperation. Achievements: 1. Strong Institutional base for sustainable cooperation between target groups. 2. Strategic approach for cooperation between 2 regions: Presov from Slovakia and Zakarpattya region from Ukraine. 3. High level of awareness of population in border regions on the Slovakian-Ukrainian development. 4. Sustained informational flow and reliable partnerships between institutions of Slovakia and Ukraine. 5. High level of presentation and cultural heritage protection.



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