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Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

„SKY IS THE LIMIT 2015” is the European Voluntary Service project of several activities, which will be implemented in Mińsk Mazowiecki already for the second time. The long term service will start in March and will last until August 2015 and it will involve five volunteers from Spain, France and Germany. The second part of the project is the short term group service which will last two months – July and August 2015, and will involve 14 volunteers from Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Great Britain, France, Austria and Germany. The main focus of the project is based on intercultural education, development of social skills and cultural animation. The objectives of the project are: deepening the intercultural dialogue, fighting the youth unemployment along with boosting the employability of young people by facilitating skill training, strengthening tolerance and knowledge of other cultures amongst the local community, improving social and communication skills amongst children and youth. In order to achieve our goals we will use non-formal methodology. Some of the methods planned for the implementation are: animation activities for children, workshops for youth (related to diverse topics based on the interests of the volunteers for example drama, music, sport, art, conversations, dance, cooking, science etc.), intercultural events focused on presenting the volunteers’ cultures, social skills trainings, seminars and meetings, conversation clubs, photo and video reporting of the activities. The volunteers will have a chance to design and deliver their own ideas for activities. They will develop their initiative and entrepreneurship as well as improve their organizational and social skills necessary to implement their individual projects. Children and youth will enrich their knowledge about the world as well as they will discover and emphasize their own cultural identity. This project will deepen the intercultural dialogue in the local community, broaden tolerance, European awareness and encourage the team spirit and sense of cooperation. It will empower every participant to a more intensive personal development.



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