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Skolotāju profesionālās kvalifikācijas paaugstināšana skolas modernizācijai un internacionalizācijai
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The necessity of the Project is awoken by the priorities of the school development plan, the objectives of the European development plan ( modernization and internationalization of the school, providing qualitative learning process according to the modern requirements) as well as the needs to improve the teachers` professional, foreign language and IT skills. One of our school's strategic development objectives and the central aim of this project is the promotion of our school modernization and internationalization. By participating in Erasmus + school teaching staff training mobility project, we want to achieve the following objectives: 1to promote the Malpils Boarding school teaching stuff with the possibility of professional improvement in foreign language, ICT and management expertise by providing professional development opportunities abroad; 2 to improve and enrich the project participants methodological knowledge and skills, as well as foreign language, IT, social and intercultural competencies; 3 to develop a broader understanding of the education systems in Europe, to take over, to creative use and disseminate the foreign partner experience. In the process of preparing the project application there were considered all the teachers` PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT NEEDS. The following scopes of teaching and education process require improvement of professional competence: -preparing teaching materials for using IT resources and work in foreign language projects; -acquiring new methods especially for managing students` research work and using IT and internet resources and tools in different subjects; -obtaining pedagogically organizational methods for integration students with special needs and students with learning disabilities into education process; -raising learning motivation to prevent early school leaving. PLANNED ACTIVITIES 1) one and two-week language courses in England for 6 participants in 2 flows (different subject teachers); 2) The English language teaching methodology and using of ICT in foreign language teaching in Malta (1-week course for primary school English teacher, 1-week course for basic school top forms English teacher); 3) one week job shadowing/ observation in Italy (2 schools) and in Portugal partner schools (1 participant in each school, teachers of different subjects) 4) Training event activities in England (NWAcademy) for 1 week (1 of School management representative). 5) School management representative qualification improvement course in England (ACD College) for 1 week /1 person. There are totally 13 participants. RESPONSIBILITIES In this Project Malpils Municipality Boarding school school assumes the part of coordinator which involves preparing the application, its practical development till its implementation, overview and dissemination of the results. The partners will provide solving the problems with the activity programs, transport, accomodation, monitoring, evaluation and certification. The responsibility of the involving institutions including financial details will be defined in a tripartite agreement after corroboration of the Project. All the documents will be worked out under the conditions of Erasmus+ programs accepted by the partners. The qualitative partnership basic principles will be followed during the Project time. EVALUATION The execution of each activity program and participants' benefit and development will be evaluated in school management meeting on the basis of the following documents: • Partner issued Europass/ certificates of program results; • Participants' reporting, photo materials; • The obtained informational and educational materials for using in future work. The assessment of the acquired skills actually will be not only immediately after the project, but from a distance - seeing the positive impact on the teaching of according subjects in the school, as well as involving of the project participants in further international project activities. Dissemination of the project results will be provided in the following manner: • Local newspaper " Mālpils Vēstis" and regional newspaper "Rīgas Apriņķa Avīze"; • The relevant methodological and school management committee meetings, Education Advisory Board of Malpils Municipality Council meetings, as well as experience-sharing activities and other projects with other Latvian and foreign school colleagues; • Malpils BoardingSchool website; • The hosting partner's websites.



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