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“SKILLS MATCH JOB”: training opportunities in an European smart, sustainable and inclusive economy”
Date du début: 1 nov. 2014, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project SKILL JOB MATCH PLUS is a ERASMUS + KA1 mobility project that comprise VET learners mobility and also VET STAFF mobility. The mobility of VET learners is aimed at recent graduates from VET schools aged between 18 and 28 years old (the participants will undertake their training placement abroad within one year of their graduation) and they will realize a VET training abroad in the following areas of business: tourism , Cultural Heritage ICT ; Cultural Mediation. The project provides a period of VET learners mobility for a period of 16 weeks to the participants in the following countries : Spain, Portugal , Ireland, Greece, Malta, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Sweden, France , UK, Austria and Germany. VET STAFF Mobility addresses vocational training and vocational guidance professionals that will realize a job shadowing period abroad in Austria, France, Bulgaria, Spain and Northern Ireland in structures specialized in the field of vocational training and vocational guidance , with particular attention to the processes of skills assessment for recruitment purposes. It also intends to devote interest to the assessment , validation and recognition of learning outcomes in vocational training courses and transfer of skills. The project was born from the collaboration of a large working group that has actively involved the transnational and national partnership. This Mobility project intends to be a privileged mean for the acquisition of new skills and knowledge in the professional fields covered by the proposal , which could not be acquired in the usual training and in the economic environment of origin (the region of Sicily in the Southern part of Italy). The contexts of destination indeed stand out as unique experiential places, suitably identified by the partnership, with a strong innovative characterization and specificity in the areas covered by the proposal. The primary objective is to make the project a strategic vehicle for territorial development according to the recommendations of the EU strategy for growth called "Europe 2020." It requires the involvement of a strong multi-actor partnership at local level (with substantial institutional support). The project is characterized by a strong EU learning added value thanks to the identified countries of destination of mobility. The work placements will be made in structures operating in the professional sectors identified by the proposed project located in the host countries. The VET Staff mobility involves a period of job shadowing / observation within structures operating in vocational training and vocational guidance, with a specialization in the balance of proximity (career guidance activities devoted to job insertion). The project will provide a period of cultural and pedagogical training in Italy before the departure. In the host country the project provides a better preparation for the professional integration in the new social environment of the hosting country. The training abroad will be certified by receiving and sending organisations, thanks to the Europass Mobility document. We evaluate acquired new skills with the goal of empowerment of the participants involved in the project. It also provided a management plan with a strong quality control and evaluation phases throughout the lifetime of the project and a broad and enhancement strategy involving all the partners. The transnational partnership involves structures operating for years in the areas of the project with a consolidated expertise in the acceptance and inclusion of young people in training. The national partnership instead involves public authorities, social partners, training institutions, private companies and non-profit organizations operating in the Sicilian Region.



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