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Skills fOr Success
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Context/background of project: The current economic crisis (European and global) makes it more relevant than ever to promote the theme of Literacy within the curriculum. Our research and experience has confirmed that the key skill of Literacy is undoubtedly a pivotal driver for the future growth of our educational provision and hence our economies, which will continue to be underpinned by the quality of our school leavers. This project, 'S.O.S' – Skills for Success in essence is based around three central needs and objectives, identified both in the participating schools and at European level via a plethora of studies, initiatives, consultations and agendas. Objectives: What? 1) Raise the levels of Literacy (by developing shared resources (OERs), building staff capacity and improving Teaching and Learning) 2) Improve pupil engagement by incorporating the innovative use of ICT to promote Literacy whilst developing a range of transferable skills and competencies. 3)Reduce the number of early school leavers without basic skills and accreditation in Literacy Number and profile of participants: Who? 5 staff and 10 pupils (identified as underachievers in Literacy) from five European schools from Belfast, Italy, Germany, Spain and Barcelona with a complementary mix of experience and expertise, each with the common whole school objective of raising standards in Literacy. Each school has a diverse pupil profile and a shared objectives as identified in the needs analysis. The project will involve and impact on wider audiences, however, for the purpose of effective tracking and evaluation a core cohort was identified to participate via baseline testing at the beginning of the process. By doing this feedback will be relevant, managable and progress measurable. Description of activities and methodology: How? Review of resources and provision, with the objective of increasing provision and accessibility to resources, to enhance provision and raise achievement, notably in Literacy. Sharing of best practice in the fields of assessment / tracking and benchmarking data in line with OECD (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) Shared continuous professional development Up-skilling staff and pupils in the innovative use of ICT to enhance teaching and learning Results and impact envisaged: Improved levels of Literacy A comparative review of Internal and external diagnostic assessment data Improved attendance Reduction in the number of early school leavers Changes to school practice, provision and strategic planning in the field of Literacy Longer term benefits: Provision of a wider range of assessment models to monitor Literacy Creation of OERs Creating of a European Best Practice Guide Shared resources accessible to support Literacy The projects' objectives and impacts have been designed to develop the sharing innovative practice in in filed of Literacy and ICT education. Pupils and staff will work together with external agencies and support mechanism to put together a European Guide to Good Practice in Literacy. The activities and visits will support the development, transfer and/or implementation of outstanding practice at organisational, local, regional, national and European levels. At the same time, the project will provide increasing opportunities for mobility within the EU to help develop the skills, attitudes and competencies in pupils that will facilitate raised standards. This project provides an authentic, exciting and stimulating framework for developing confidence and performance in Literacy.



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