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"Системи за саниране на сгради, изучавани в условията на дуално обучение" в 2 етапа: 1.Системата на дуално обучение в Германия 2.Дейности и системи при саниране на сгради
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The idea to develop a project is based on: 1) Discussion period related to the forthcoming introduction of the dual education; 2) The actuality of the problem with building rehabilitation in Bulgarian regional and national policy and the responsibility of the construction business to perform its activities with qualified and competent specialists. 3) The need for training, enhancing better realization and personal development of the students in the conditions of a global economy, financial crisis and high unemployment. The project is supported by the active partnership between the sending organization the High school of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy "Lubor Bayer", Stara Zagora, Bulgaria and the hosting organization - Center for professional competencies in Cottbus, Germany. The highlighted theme is: "Systems of building renovation analyzed in terms of the dual training" on two stages: 1. Dual training system in Germany; 2.Systems and activities for building renovation. Both of the project’s stages will be held at the Center for professional competencies in Cottbus, Germany. Participants at Action 1 will be 10 teachers from High school of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy "Lubor Bayer", Stara Zagora. Action 2 is considered to educate a group of students at 11th grade from various disciplines / 17 and 18 years old /. After a preliminary selection a group of 20 students will be created lead by 2 high school teachers - one teacher in vocational training and one German teacher, so that the total number of participants in both stages will reach 32 persons over a period of 12 months (September 1st 2015 –August 31st 2016). As a result of the successful implementation of project activities participants will receive Europass Mobility certificates for training conducted under Key Action 1 of the 'Erasmus + " Programm. Specific project objectives are: 1) Participants in ACTIVITY 1: - Raising teachers’ awareness about dual training in the host country Germany, highlighting the methods and tools used in vocational training at the Center for professional competencies in Cottbus; - Creating a complete professional contacts and good practice exchange between teachers and management team of the sending and host organization; 2) Participants ACTIVITY 2: - Acquisition of knowledge and skills applicable for building renovation at all phases - diagnosis, materials and systems choice and the practical implementation of renovation activities; - Better competitiveness on the labor market and successful future career in Bulgaria or in another European country thanks to the key skills and competencies in the construction profession acquired during the project; - Increased learning motivation and will for further professional development and career in the field of construction /building renovation / and striving for continuous expansion of proffessional knowledge. 3) All participants in the project: - Advanced communication skills in German language, brighter cultural, social and entrepreneurial knowledge; - Contribution to increased attractiveness of vocational education and motivation for professional development. Preparation of the activities includes: - Selection of participants according to pre-announced criteria; - Basic training in project’s theme and sub-themes of each of the stages; - Linguistic, cultural and logistical preparation of group participants. Mobilities of each group will be conducted according to previously developed programs agreed between partners High school of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy "Lubor Bayer", Stara Zagora and Center for professional competencies in Cottbus. Besides training, workshops and monitoring on the aforementioned project topic further cultural and sports activities will be promoted to create network opportunities in an informal environment. Direct results that will be achieved through project implementation are: 1) Ten teachers in vocational training (group Action 1) and accompanying group teacher ACTIVITY 2 acquired additional training related to work in a dual training; 2) 2) Twenty students / trained ACTIVITY 2 / with acquired professional competence related to systems for the renovation of buildings and greater opportunities for the integration in national and European labor market; 3) Thirty-two project participants to extend and deepen language and cultural skills; 4) Acquisition of valuable experience in the implementation of mobility projects with a wide range of activities for sending and receiving organizations. 5) Internationalization and raise the visibility and attractiveness of vocational education; 6) Multiplication of the results and impact of the project at regional and national level.



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