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Sinking Songs
Date du début: 2 août 2015, Date de fin: 1 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project Sinking songs hosted 24 participants from Czech republic and Slovenia who met in the end of August 2015 for 14 days in a Slovenian village Kozarišče. Young people with artistic and social interest came to experience the joy of creative process on a common output in practise of scenography and lights to gain a knowledge and skills about how to apply art to support comunity life and active citizenship. Over-all theme of the project was „Oral cultural herritage“ - participants were examining important places, songs and storries in European history/memory and compared it with their national and personal insights. By using site specific methods in applying objects and installations they prepared sorroundings-situations and installations as methaphors and self expresions of particicular places, songs and storries. Participants were creating environmentally friendly land-art objects, light-design objects and installations which were used as a base for their final performance open to public within a local festival in the end of the project. Project was based on a strong cooperation with the local comunity and active participation of the audience into installations. During the activity the participants visited close villages to let the local community know about the project and share the oral heritage (storry telling events, dinner with neighborhoods, singing events). Participants took part in various workshops aimed on practising site-specific scenography and lights methods leaded by profesionals. During the activities the project joined a profesional scenographer who individualy consulted creative ideas with participants. By this the participants gained a profesional dimension of their work. Participants had a chance to learn, examine and practise in depth he new approaches in creativity based on process of common brainstorming, sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences, working and interfering with local community. For these passionate young people this action was an unique opportunity to be part of a site-specific international event with major intercultural and ecological dimension and oral historical theme. Participants improved their skills and abilities - personal but also professional (in the field of creativity, art, culture and education), they also learned to understand different perception of European oral history and memory in the spirit of openness and tolerance towards each other and to the environment and the nature.



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