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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Different Educational Approaches In Classroom Setting Our school named 80th Year Yerkoy Secondary School has preapared a project named “ Different Educational Approaches In Classroom Setting ” involving Erasmus Fundamental Action 1 School Training Staff Circulation in order to improve our staff’s professional proficiency. The project is prepared to enrich our staff’s professional proficiency and to enable them to see different educational organizations. The project involves structured course activities. The purposes of the project are to contribute to development of our teaching staff in their careers, to experience new techniques, methodologies and practice in education and to provide better learning setting for our students. Our other goals are to form consciousness of European Union citizenship in our staff and to contribute to their linguistic development. With the project, three teachers of English language teaching, two maths teachers, a Turkish teacher, two science teachers, a social sciences teacher and a manager for following circulation and observation will participate in circulation. All of our participants have intermediate or advanced level in understanding and speaking English. The reason why we involve teachers in all fundamental branches into activities is to practise experiences we gain during activities in different branch lessons. With the project, our participants will attend two different courses. Here is the information about courses which will be attended : 1- Stimulating Creativity Through Cooperative Learning : 25th of January, 2016 – 3rd of February 2016 – Milano ( Italy ) : Participants involve five staff- a manager and four teachers. 2- Improving Teaching And Communication Skills In The Classroom : 21st of March,2016 – 30th of March, 2016 – Barcelona ( Spain ) : Participants involve five teachers. Thanks to the project, our staff gaining new point of views about educational approaches in classroom setting will utilize these functions positively to broaden our school’s vision and to make our school internationally active. Among our school’s 2015- 2016 strategical goals is to reach the top in the level of teaching and education and the project will contribute to this goal. In additon to this goal, the project will lead to positive changes on our staff in terms of giving better education. Functions gained will not be limited to our school and necessary activities will be made to spread these functions to schools in our district, city and all around the country. These activities will contribute to educational and teaching quality of our country in a positive way as well.