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Single CBR Home market (Home market)
Date du début: 31 juil. 2011, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In order to increase regional competitiveness, CBR needs innovative, born-global SMEs who develop their ideas not only on a local but also on international level. Home market project aims to enlarge the market where SMEs operate from the local country level to whole CBR market so that the region is viewed as one single market. Currently each country individually tries to increase its competitiveness and stimulate enterpreneurship -with the project we aim to do it on a CBR level to strengthen the whole region. The project activities are summarised in three main sections: 1) Removal of political, legislative, psyhological barriers to foster cross-border co-operation and internationalisation of businesses; 2) Nomination of innovative SMEs, preparing them for investors' forum to attract finances and partners for their business idea; and 3) Creating the system for cross-border business incubation and international partner search which is easily accessible for SMEs withing CBR. The first section consists of studies&research, surveys and conference aimed to understand the current level of SMEs internationalisation in CBR, cross border expansion prejudices in CBR countries and work towards eliminating the barriers by creating a political support and interest among business community. It also includes business trainings about cross-border business particularities. Second set of activities include origination and nomination of the companies eligible to participate in investors forum, pitch-training for them, approaching investors in various international events, organising investors' forums where companies have the opportunity to present their business idea and attract financing within CBR. The next set of activities include development of network of regional business incubators and innovation centers with common rules how regional SMEs may be incubated in other CBR country. The project partners will work together on developing guidelines for regional cross-border incubation system and implementation of cross-border incubation pilot projects amongst participating business incubator companies. As part of cross-border incubation, the project will create a system for cross-border partner search within CBR network. We have planned the communication activities for the project target groups in order to spread the information about the project and make it attractive for SMEs. Once the system is created it will continue to operate also after the project ends. Achievements: The Home Market project had the aim of enlarging the market where SMEs operate from local level to the level of the entire Central Baltic region, in order to unite the region so that it is viewed as one single market area. To reach this aim, the project partners conducted studies to identify the opportunities and shortcomings related to the investment environment by trying to remove the political, legislative and psychological barriers. A large part of this consisted of developing the guidelines for a regional cross-border incubation system and implementing the pilot projects amongst participating business incubator companies. Ultimately, the project created a platform for cross-border partner search in the Central Baltic region.



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  • 2007 - 2013 Central Baltic (FI-SE-EE-LA)
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