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Singing helps living
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Two schools from Europe: Estonia and Italy are going to develop their pupils creative abilities on the international level via use of the contemporary IT devices. The project team will organise the skype lessons (short concerts), exchange of the postcards between pupils, exchange of the emails between the participants, translation of the national songs into English. Pupils exchanges will be organised by the Erasmus programme. During the exchange visit the pupils will be working in groups to create their our performance. They will be taught by the e-learning methods of the Creative and Performing Arts (TACCLE2). Etwinning possibilities will be used. We will also use Salto youth methods in our exchange programmes. There will be 4 Skype concerts every half year (2 times a year) and 2 exchange visits (1 per country in a year). There should be enough time for preparation between the activities, so the Advanced Planning Visit is in Bari, Italy in September 2015, 1st youth exchange is in May 2016 for 10 days in Bari, Italy and the 2nd youth exchange is in October 2016 for 10 days in Tallinn, Estonia. Participants: Liceo Classico Statale ‘Quinto Orazio Flacco’ 16 pupils (aged 14 - 18) and 3 teachers. Participants: Haabersti Russian High school - 16 pupils (aged 14 - 18) and 3 teachers involved in the project. Main project results will be created by the developing of the final products: 1. The students and their teachers will work out a pack of informational materials on their topic for the partner schools. In the following phases we will gradually work with the materials from partner schools. Thus similarities and differences in cultural and historical processes can be highlighted (as part of the curriculum of subjects like history, geography, social sciences, ethics, foreign languages, music etc.). 2. Publishing the results in our school web pages, posters, local newspapers, create a blog with project materials and inform radio stations about the project. 3. Topical video conferences (concerts) via Skype. 4. A book of songs in 4 languages: Estonian, Russian, English and Italian. 5. A photobook of the project. 6. A CD with pupils performances (recorded songs). All project materials will be available in TwinSpace and European Treasure site.



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