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Simulation for entrepreneurship
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project title: "Simulation for entrepreneurship " (ENTRE4FUTURE) Context/background of project: At European level, the concern for the promotion and development of entrepreneurship is found in the most strategic documents, beginning with "Lisbon Strategy" and continuing with "Partnership for growth and employment" or "Action Plan for Entrepreneurship". For Lisbon strategy, in order for jobs to be successful, it must be tried the stimulation of entrepreneurship among young people, to encourage innovative business and start promoting a more favorable culture of entrepreneurship. The role of education in promoting entrepreneurship, starting at early ages, is now generally recognized. Adapting to new requirements of the market economy involves acquiring those skills which will develop among students high professionalism, initiative, insight, ability to operate effectively in a dynamic and competitive economic environment. Today, in a society dominated by competing, the entrepreneurship is a necessary competence for all, helping young people to become more creative and even more confident in any activity they undertake. Scope of the proposal The overall objective was the exchange of professional practices on issues related to textbooks, curricula and teaching methodologies for the simulation as an effective method to entrepreneurship education of young people, using innovative technologies in the business simulation and transfer between the two levels of schooling - high school VET and universities. Objectives: • The development of entrepreneurial skills, IT and foreign languages to students • Upgrading skills of teachers through new learning and teaching methods, by development and delivery of new teaching materials and methods, especially using the method " training firm" (high school) or “virtual company” (universities) • implement innovative practice VET learning and teaching methodologies (training firm,virtual company), those delivering key competences and basic skills, language skills, focusing on the use of ICT. ENTRE4FUTURE consortium constituted of a balanced set of a variety of institutions operating in different domains and in different ways. There were: three VET high schools, two economics universities (one is national innovation centre appointed by Danish Business Academies within the field of Innovation & Entrepreneurship), organisation with role on the labor market and two chambers of commerce. Additionally consortium organisations were relevantly related to different target groups and stakeholders, what made the direct contact with them easier. Over two years, the project ENTRE4FUTURE developed three best practices exchanges in business simulation (Austria, Portugal and Romania) where there were a number of 59 participants (18 students and school pupils, 35 teachers and 6 specialists). Focus was on: creativity, innovation and modernization; entrepreneurship education and strategic use of ICT In the plan of activities, we addressed the following target groups: - target group, short-term - staff active in education and training (VET organisations, universities) - target group, long-term - students, school pupils (17-20 age) Total participants in the project: 40 teachers VET high school, 23 teachers university, 150 school pupils ,100 students and 6 specialists. Following the development of the project activities, the products below were obtained: 1 site 1 curricula "“Learning office” 1 Good Practice Guide "Simulation for entrepreneurship" At local, regional, national and European level the good practice exchange was facilitated through the use of the guide in all the university and pre-university partner institutions and in other Romanian schools with services specialization, as well as through the use of the curricula "Learning office", which was structured in a way that suits each partner school in various forms: local development curriculum, school decision curriculum, extracurricular activity or specialty module. Furthermore, there was an increased involvement in educational exchanges with European partners, as a need to gather efforts to promote vocational institutions at local, regional, national and European levels in order to increase the quality of personal and professional life. The formal and non-formal discussions through direct contacts and the use of the common virtual platform is an authentic sources of contact with other cultures; the teachers and students are able to see and analyze the interdependence between perspectives, practices, the aspirations of youth and adults from various countries, thus becoming more aware and interested in the national values among the other European cultures and values. At national and international levels, a platform for transnational collaboration between Romanian training institutions and European companies is created, aimed at developing mutual trust and cooperation within the European Union.



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