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SIM School Improvement through Mobility
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our school self evaluation has highlighted three areas for improvement. Subsequently our School Improvement Plan focused on teacher professional development in ICT, Literacy and Mental Well-being as part of a strategy to make progress in the key areas identified. Erasmus + gives our staff the opportunity to engage in CDP targeted at needs identified in our school. The objectives of our project are as follows: To develop ICT competency among all our staff and to improve student outcomes through the innovative use of technology. To expand our understanding of whole school literacy initiatives that improve spoken, digital and language literacy To learn how to implement programmes that will lead to a more resilient school body and improved mental well-being for all. We plan to train up to 30 staff members. From the selection process four groups of teachers emerged. Language teachers who wish to integrate digital technologies into teaching and learning. Maths and Science teachers who will explore the need for improved literacy competencies among their students particularly in relation to the new Project Maths syllabus. Practical teachers who have identified needs in relation to the use of digital technologies in supporting project work and independent learning. Finally pastoral care teachers who are keen to improve the mental well-being and resilience of the student body. We have a member of the school administration staff who will act as Logistics Manager to ensure the mobilities run smoothly and we have appointed a Treasurer from the School Erasmus+ Committee to ensure all money is spent according to EU guidelines. We will also work with the Finance Department of the GRETB to ensure proper financial controls and reporting are in place. Each staff member will sign a participant learning agreement and in doing so will commit to recording the training activities and sharing the learning outcomes when they return. We expect the project will foster a culture of continuous professional development among staff, contributing to team building and increasing staff morale. It will build capacity in the school in both ICT and Literacy and it will impact on student learning and student welfare particularly in the area of mental well-being. We intend to share our learning within our school community; students staff and parents, among the constituent schools in the GRETB and to the general public via our school website.