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SILKROUTE II - ROad for Universities Towards Europe (EU - Central Asia)
Date du début: 15 juil. 2013,

SILKRoad Universities Towards EuropeII project intends to deepen the already existing cooperation among some partners of the consortium, creating a new multilateral cooperation among European and Central Asia universities, providing a window of opportunities to set up more comprehensive forms of Academic cooperation, both between EU and CA and within the CA region.The general objective of the project is to increase both sides capacities of jointly contribute to the world scientific debate and to create a shared “active citizenship” in a multi-cultural, multi-stakeholders and multi-dimensional perspective. An internal objective, therefore (to reinforce the HE regional system) is coupled with an external one (to increase the role of the HEIs in promoting the social and economic development of the region). The partnership includes 6 EU and 14 CA HEIs, plus 19 Associate partners; a multi-dimensional approach (multidisciplinarity, multi-stakeholders approach, integration between research and teaching, between different size Universities and between University and society) aims at reinforcing the HE systems at national, regional and interregional level. The expected impact will hopefully be a general strengthening of CA HEIs, both in their internal activities and procedures (teaching, research, academic organization) and in their relations with the evolving national and regional systems (services to the territory, spin-offs and career management, inclusion strategies, networking capacities). An impact is also expected within the EU partners, in terms of enlargement of their contacts and opportunity to build a constructive exchange with HEIs of such an emerging region. The proposal foresees to award 113 scholarships: 27 Undergraduate, 25 Master’s; 23 Doctorates, 16 Post-Doc, 22 Staff. Target Group 1 mobility grants consist in 69 scholarships, while 31 scholarships are addressed to Target Group 2; the remaining 13 grants are intended to Target Group 3.



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