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Συγκριτική Αξιολόγηση (Benchmarking)
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Framework / Plan Background: The effective and efficient school is a function of many factors. It depends not only on the teaching-pedagogical practices followed by the teachers, but on a set of parameters that influence each other. Innovation, introduction of new technologies in teaching and beyond, management with vision, multifaceted support of students, in service training, European orientation, cooperation with the parents' association and the local community, are some of these parameters. The question that arises is what are the best practices for each of the aforementioned parameters, which have been implemented and proven to have brought good results? This question led us to the choice of the destination country, which is Finland, a country that in recent years, has achieved amazing results in the PISA competition. Euneos, the partner which we chose, organizes structured courses in response to the questions we posed. This organization has already completed successfully many runs of such courses, with participants from all over Europe. The objectives of our project were: 1. At school level -to improve the quality of education -to develop new, more efficient management system of school -to explore how to organize the teaching practice to meet the challenge of transition from conventional to digital school -to integrate innovation in all aspects of teaching and extra-curricular activities 2. At teachers’ level: -to create vision and innovation and incorporate it in the school policy and culture -to create permanent structures, infrastructure and innovation models -to recognize the importance of the introduction of new technology in education and how it affects teaching and learning -to facilitate the transition of school from traditional to digital model -to introduce their colleagues to the concepts and tools required for this transition -to organize joint activities with other schools, the Parents' Association and the local community -to organize and promote in service training, using the tool of benchmarking -to communicate with teachers from other countries Number and profile of participants: 8 permanent teachers (6 Greek literature teachers, 2 math teachers and 1 teacher of economics) participated, including the director of the school. All of them have shown a special interest in innovative activities and practices that engage students in projects other than those of school curriculum. More or less, all have involved students in contests, competitions, or other activities. Several of them have higher qualifications and all of them are able to communicate in English sufficiently. Description of activities / methodology: The structured courses completed in 5 working days in Tikkurila (extended area of Helsinki). Each day included analysis-investigation of one of the basic parameters that make a school effective. General topics for each of the 5 days are: innovation and management, digitalization, student in the center, teacher in the center, the education system in Finland and beyond. In general, for each topic, presentations and demonstrations were provided by the organizers, field observations in schools, discussions in round tables, workshop activities, project assignment, presentations by the participants and brief records of what can be implemented in our school and self-evaluation. Prior to the mobility, the partner provided continuous communication via online platform and emails for resolving procedural issues, but also for the assignment of preliminary projects to the participating teachers. After returning, the teachers participated in a 90 minute videconference during which all the participants from different countries of Europe evaluated their experience and reported all the dissemination activities they completed or they were planning for the future. Results / long-term benefits: -European orientation of school, improvement of the organization and administration, partnerships with schools in other countries -Improvement of the student’s performance, expanding the opportunities for engaging themselves in activities of their personal interest -Improvement and increase of the opportunities for cooperation with the Parents' Association and the local community -Increase of competences, performance and teachers’ self confidence -Improvement of language proficiency and cultural awareness of teachers Impact-Dissemination The participants acquired specialized knowledge and skills on the subject of training which wanted to share with both their colleagues at school and with the rest of the educational community and society. For this reason, they published at local and national level a press release and a detailed article about the mobility. A day conference was also organized with guests from both the local educational community and the local society. More dissemination activities are designed to be implemented in the next school year.