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„Sięgnij wyżej - młodzi ludzie na współczesnym rynku pracy”
Date du début: 15 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 14 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main objective of the project "Reach higher - young people in today's labor market" was to organize youth meetings - international exchange between students of the two countries - Polish, who is the coordinator of the project and Węgier.Spotkanie took place in the period 16.03 - 03.22.2016. The number of participants was 30 - after fifteen participants from each country. The exchange was attended by young people who are interested in developing their own skills and competencies to help them find their future in a tough job market. The project contributed to the promotion of openness and tolerance among young Europeans. Discovering the identity and cultural diversity among international students learn how to combine their own heritage and a sense of identity with the experiences of other people. The main objective of the project "Reach higher - young people in today's labor market" was to exchange knowledge and experiences of the participants related to their professional work - practices of student internships in different institutions and at different positions or summer seasonal work. The project take into account the individual interests of members of all groups in the partner countries to build their own career paths. Implementation of the joint venture participants from different from each other culturally and linguistically European Union easier for them to understand how to operate the various markets work and how they react employer to graduates who intend to start work in their profession. Young people together reflected on the value of work in human life, and the work ethic functioning in their families and immediate environment. Confronting individual professional experience and knowledge of the contemporary labor market - national and European - had a positive impact on strengthening awareness of the value of work in the life of every human being, and especially graduate starting work. In order to achieve the objectives, the following methods - integration meetings, workshops, debates, discussions, brainstorming, animation, language and motor-musical presentations of individual participants, workshops, film - recorded instructional video for young people, methods panel, language workshops and trips theme - to the European Information Centre in Krakow. During the organization of the activity applied all additional stimuli such as music competitions sportowe.Rezultatem project are: to improve the knowledge and skills of the participants in the following areas: building a future career path, self-presentation and self-development opportunities, and the need for learning throughout life, communication with citizens other countries, tolerance for cultural diversity and not only openness to others. He was also prepared film - instructional video "Reach higher - how to move on the labor market? having the nature of an incentive for young people entering the labor market Passed knowledge of the cultural heritage of each country supported the participants in the construction of openness to other cultures functioning in the community of European countries. The project participants tried to understand the mechanisms of action of individual labor markets, and as part of the evaluation - to present their ideas on a future career. In the case of long-term benefits them feel not only participants, but also those with him are not related, however, interested in the issues and results of the project. Developed by the participants of the results were published using social media FB: Polish-Hungarian Exchange 2016 and dedicated to the project blog, which show the results in English. Based on the results of work of participants young people to learn about their experiences and apply them in their own case, the participants to the acquired communication skills will be able to transfer their knowledge and experience alone.



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